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    Brouilly - Case of 6

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    • Year:2016
    • Country of Origin:France
    • Region:Beaujolais
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    Brouilly - Case of 6

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    Served lightly chilled

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      You must be 18 or over to buy this item.

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      Press reviews

      Press reviews

      Here's what the press are saying about Brouilly - Case of 6

      "...When you get a Beaujolais cru at this price it is worth it, classic fresh, fruit nose and strawberry cherry fruit, plus a little bit of body.."

      Andrew Neather - Evening Standard

      ""With fresh black cherry fruit and some spiciness, this cru Beaujolais is spot-on: it’s fun and fruity, just as it should be, but there’s enough depth to give it a serious side.”.""

      Jamie Goode - Sunday Express

      26th January 2014

      ""If you like your reds on the lighter side, this is seriously good. Made from the Gamay grape in one of the ten top villages in Beaujolais, it's packed with ripe cherry and raspberry fruit. A bright, juicy character. Food pairing: hot dogs""

      Helen McGinn - Daily Mail

      30th April 2015

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