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    Asti Spumante - Case of 6

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    • Country of Origin:Italy
    • Region:Piemonte
    29 review{[{productCtrl.productData.reviewsSummary.reviewCount === 1 ? '' : 's'}]} review{[{productCtrl.reviewsStats.totalReviewCount === 1 ? '' : 's'}]}

    Asti Spumante - Case of 6

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    Enjoy this wine straight from the fridge as a sweet and uplifting aperitif or try it with fruity desserts and celebration cakes.

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      Press reviews

      Press reviews

      Here's what the press are saying about Asti Spumante - Case of 6

      "But it’s Italy’s idiosyncratic selection that offers the most intriguing alternative fizz, and not just easy, frivolous prosecco. Wines such as the sweet, sparkling moscato of M&S Asti Spumante NV…have little in common with champagne apart from the fizz. While I might not drink them all the time, they’ll do very well when I’m happy. Or sad. Or thirsty"

      David Williams - The Observer

      17th November 2013

      "With Christmas pudding: A frothy, fizzy, fun counterpoint to the richness of Christmas pud. Like sherbet for grown-ups, this will add serious sparkle to your celebrations. Serve it cool in Champagne flutes"

      Olly Smith - Mail on Sunday

      8th December 2013

      ""It would be hard to find a better or more light-hearted match to this week's delicious dish than a glass or two of this sweet, effervescent muscat from Piedmont. Serve ice cold.""

      Giles Kime - Sunday Telegraph

      2nd November 2014

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