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How to make a
Christmas pudding



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Christmas pudding recipe

This rich, moist traditional dessert is packed with vine fruits, aromatic spices and wine. Our recipe is perfect for making now and putting away in a cool, dry place for up to three months… then all you have to do on the big day is steam it for an hour or so to enjoy all the magical flavour.

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Illustration of half-eaten Christmas pudding

Christmas pudding
leftover ideas

Sweet fry-up
Fry small bites of pudding until hot and crispy on the edges. Serve with brandy butter.

Special sundae
Top a scoop of vanilla ice cream with warmed, crumbled pudding, sweet sherry, chopped nuts and melted chocolate.

Blitz slices of pudding in a food processor until crumbed, then stir into melted chocolate and sherry, roll it into balls. Decorate with melted white chocolate, angelica and a glace cherry, to look like mini Christmas puddings.

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Try something different

With layers of creamy chocolate mousse and chocolate sponge laced with Jaffa orange compot, this pudding-shaped dessert isn't your typical Christmas pud. If you don;t like dried fruit, this milk chocolate treat makes a great alternative to the more traditional Christmas lunch final course

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