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Product Brand: Tweexy

Original Wearable Nail Polish Holder

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Product Brand: Tweexy Original Wearable Nail Polish Holder

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Product description


Product ID: T231016G

Soft, flexible and durable! Tweexy is the first of its kind wearable polish holder that fits all finger sizes and every size nail polish bottle. Tweexy is a one-piece cast form, made of silicone. It fits securely on two fingers of your hand (or on your thumb). Two tweexys can comfortably be worn at a time for applying nail art or base and topcoats. The tweexy bottle grip system securely holds any size bottle, even when your hand is held upside down; yet the bottle can be easily removed from the tweexy.

Tweexy was developed and invented by Liz and mark from South Carolina, USA. After testing thousands of nail polish brands in around 250 different shapes and sizes, they measured them all and from those metrics came up with the perfect size and shape for tweexy to hold them all. After 2 years of research, development, experimenting and testing - they introduced tweexy to market.

Item details

  • The two expandable rings are separated by two rubber wings or 'squeeze tabs' that pull open so they fit over your fingers worn like a ring. Your polish is then inserted into the 'the crown', enabling you to paint your nails. The squeeze tabs are used again to lift the tweexy off your fingers (without smudging you freshly painted nails) and to place onto your other hand to repeat the painting process
  • The two expandable rings are thick enough to naturally keep fingers separated during polishing, allowing your hand to relax. Tweexy has two rubber wings built into the form (we call them 'squeeze-tabs') that act as levers and pull open the tweexy finger rings (which also slide on like a jewellery ring) to accommodate different finger sizes
  • When you have completed polishing one hand you can effortlessly pull the tweexy off and transfer it to your other hand, all without smearing your freshly applied polish. Reach every last drop of polish by tilting your hand
  • Tweexy has a bottle base gripping system that allows you to open most bottles of polish with one hand simply by applying downward pressure on the bottle while twisting the cap
  • Tweexy is a safe, no-hassle product that responds to today's on-the-go lifestyles. Polish or touch up on your bed, sitting on the couch, at the office, in a car, on a bus, on a train, at the park...anywhere you are on-the-go
  • Tweexy launched with three bold colours in 'the original collection' (bonbon pink, sapphire night and spa green). Tweexy has been successfully tested with over 1,000 different bottle sizes and shapes and on hundreds of girls and women, aged 12 up
  • Practical: Tweexy eliminates the need for a surface to place your polish bottle on. This clever new gadget is designed to make your at-home manicures a breeze, while eliminating any spills, smudges and slip-ups
  • Innovative: Tweexy securely and comfortably fits all fingers and holds all nail polish brands
  • Compact: Tweexy is small enough to fit in a makeup bag and weighs less than one ounce. An easy way to apply polish - anytime, anywhere
  • Dimensions: 6.4 x 6.4 x 6.4 cm

More information

  • Skin Type: Normal
  • Safety Warning: Avoid if allergic to silicone


  • Silicone

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