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    Hunter Valley Shiraz - Case of 6

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    • Year:2015
    • Country of Origin:Australia
    • Region:Hunter Valley
    • Grape Variety:Syrah / Shiraz
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    Hunter Valley Shiraz - Case of 6

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    This wine is a wonderfully versatile partner for many rich savoury dishes, from pasta in tomato and meat sauces, to roast duck and peppery beef stews. Serve at room temperature

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      You must be 18 or over to buy this item.

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      Press reviews

      Press reviews

      Here's what the press are saying about Hunter Valley Shiraz - Case of 6

      ""With the season soon to be on the turn, simple, warming food such as this week's calls for similarly comforting reds. Look no further than the spicy, concentrated flavours of this delicious Australian red that makes a great match for rich autumnal dishes.""

      Giles Kime - Sunday Telegraph

      31st August 2014

      ""This is made by a Hunter stalwart, Tyrell's -one of Australia's oldest and best wineries. It is a far cry from the beefy style of old-school Aussie shiraz. A svelte 13%, it delivers pepper, raspberry and what I call 'Hunter earth', a rustic (in a good sense) element that adds complexity. Refreshing and drinkable, it is ideal for sausages""

      Hamish Anderson - Daily Telegraph

      2nd November 2013

      ""A glossy, warming, three-dimensional red is the ideal choice for Rachel's casserole. These are qualities that well-made Australian shiraz will deliver in spades and that will enhance the enjoyment of almost any hearty winter fare""

      Giles Kime - Sunday Telegraph

      1st December 2013

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