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Selection of fruit and herbal teas served hot and cold




Photographer: Tara Fisher

Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves


Olivia Ferguson

Deputy food editor


Switch up your tea break with our new range of fruit and botanical teas, and delicious serving suggestions

If you’re looking for an alternative to your post-lunch pick-me-up, discover our refreshing and naturally caffeine-free teas, including our tropical turmeric, mango and coconut; lemon, ginger and ginseng; and grapefruit and raspberry. Serve the teas hot or try them iced with fresh fruit for extra oomph. To make, simply add a few tea bags to a heat-proof jug, add your favourite fruit, and top up with boiling water. Stir and allow to infuse for a few minutes. Remove the tea bags, then place the jug in the fridge. Once chilled, serve over ice with a fruity garnish. For full-on fruit flavour, I love chilling the blackberry and elderberry infusion with fresh blackberries, pomegranate and blueberries, and serving our strawberry and mint tea with mint leaves and a touch of sugar.
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“Serve our soothing lemon, ginger and
GINSENG tea hot with a slice of lemon and
ginger, and a spoonful of honey