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Star-print trainers against a stone wall




Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves



Deputy fashion editor


Not tried out the trainers trend for size yet? Then these star-detailed beauties are bound to tempt you

There are many reasons why we’re grateful that trainers are currently a style staple. Number one: comfort. While gorgeous yet vertiginous heels have a place in our hearts, our feet are now fully hooked on the day-to-night comfort that trainers offer. Secondly, a good pair of trainers takes the effort out of any outfit, while adding a touch of nonchalance to the overall look. A floral midi dress and court shoes might be a bit much for the school run, whereas the same dress suddenly looks on point when teamed with trainers. And when they’re as covetable as this metallic-finished pair, it doesn’t really matter what else you wear, because everyone will be eyeing up your shoes. You heard it here first: these beauties won’t stick around for long, so act fast.
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“A fashion-forward pair of
TRAINERS instantly
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