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Update your kitchen kit with our Best of M&S cookware and tableware edit: bestselling buys at great prices, loved by M&S customers

Kitchen VIP: cast aluminium cookware

A good-sized casserole dish and a robust roasting tin are key pieces of kit for batch cooking and crowd-pleasing weekend roasts. Our cast aluminium casserole dish comes in four sizes, from three-and-a-half to seven litres, and is a customer favourite for its hob-to-table good looks. The versatile cast aluminium roasting tray comes in two sizes – stick it in the oven to roast meat and veggies or use it on the hob to make gravy. A set of silicone handle grips makes for a sleek kitchen accessory and will help you move pans from oven to stovetop with ease.

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Charcoal cast aluminium casserole dish. Shop now
A seven-litre dish for get-ahead cooking
Ivory cast aluminium roasting pan. Shop now
Pop in the oven or on any type of hob
Yellow cast aluminium casserole dish. Shop now
Sunny yellow will brighten up your kitchen
Set of two black silicone handle grips. Shop now
Protect your hands from hot pots and pans

Make every meal special: white porcelain Maxim crockery

Laying a stylish table is easy with crisp white porcelain crockery. Our contemporary Maxim range is the perfect blank canvas for mid-week meals, weekend celebrations and everything in between. Start your collection with a 12-piece dinner set, then add to it with additional place settings, various styles of plates and bowls and meal-elevating serveware, such as a playful heart serving bowl. The range also includes elegant glassware and stainless-steel cutlery. Check out our joyful crockery sets if you’d like to add colour to your table.

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White dinner set. Shop now
A great set to start your collection
£49.50 for set of 12
White heart-shaped serving bowl. Shop now
Make a statement with this playful serving bowl
Set of four white wine glasses. Shop now
Raise a toast with elegant glassware
£15 for 4
Stainless-steel cutlery set. Shop now
Stainless-steel cutlery completes the range
£39.50 for set of 16

Stovetop starter kit: aluminium non-stick pan set

Kitting out a kitchen for a student or after a housewarming gift for a budding chef? Our brilliant-value three-piece non-stick saucepan set is a great stovetop starter kit. The user-friendly black aluminium pans are compatible with all cookers, including induction hobs, so they can be taken from house to house with no compatibility issues. Customers love the helpful extra handle on the biggest pan in the set, the glass lids that allow you to keep an eye on your cooking and the pouring lips – useful additions that mean you don’t need a colander when draining pasta, veggies and so on. They’re easy to wipe clean but be sure to use non-stick-friendly utensils to avoid pan-ruining scratches.

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Set of three black non-stick saucepans. Shop now
A great gift for a budding chef
£49.50 for set of 3
Black milk pan. Shop now
Not just for milk – use for sauces too
Black frying pan. Shop now
Add a matching frying pan to the set
Set of five cooking utensils. Shop now
Suitable for all pans including non-stick

Space expander: flip-tight storage

Decanting pantry staples into clear storage containers isn’t just for Instagram organisation influencers. It’s a practical move that makes it easier to see what’s in your cupboards, so you waste less, plus you can easily see when you’ve nearly run out of something. Our square and rectangle stackable storage container sets are customer favourites because they maximise cupboard space, come in a wide variety of sizes and make kitchen cupboards, pantries and open shelving look neat. If you’re planning a kitchen blitz, check out more kitchen and pantry storage ideas.

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Set of five clear square storage containers in various sizes. Shop kitchen storage
Square shape makes great use of space
Shop storage
Set of three clear rectangular storage containers in various sizes. Shop kitchen storage
Airtight lids lock in freshness
Shop storage
Set of three square clear storage containers. Shop kitchen storage
Stackable to maximise cupboard space
Shop storage
Square clear storage container. Shop kitchen storage
Clear design makes finding ingredients easy
Shop storage

Pro-level pick: stainless-steel saucepan set

Are you a keen cook looking to upgrade your saucepans? Our stylish stainless-steel saucepan trio is a pro-level set that looks great on show but doesn’t skimp on performance. Stainless-steel pans are a robust choice, and this set comes with a 25-year guarantee to see you through many years of boiling, stewing and sautéing. Customers love the stylish looks, the useful clear lids, the helpful measuring scales inside each pan and the extra handle on the biggest one in the set, which helps with carrying when it’s full.

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Set of three stainless-steel saucepans. Shop now
Comes with a 25-year guarantee
£69 for set of 3
Stainless-steel three-tier steamer. Shop now
A chic steamer for healthy cooking
Stainless-steel stockpot. Shop now
StayNew tech ensures long-lasting good looks
Five-piece set including stainless-steel saucepans and frying pan. Shop now
A super-smart five-piece set
£99 for set of 5

Words: Miranda Eason

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