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Postal dendrobium in tissue paper in a post box




Photographer: Katie Hammond

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Flowers editor


Anyone can send a bunch of blooms, but how many can say they’ve had a potted plant posted through their letterbox? Surprise someone you love with our ingenious postal plants

When was the last time you actually got anything exciting in the post? Aside from my birthday, every time I step through the front door there’s a small mountain of statements and notes from people offering to clean my gutters/oven/windows lying on the floor. Instead of bills, bills, bills, open up our new post-box blooms and you’ll find a fully fledged, creamy white dendrobium orchid complete with a collapsible hessian pot sack, soil and moss that takes minutes to assemble but will bloom for as long as you look after it. Go on, make someone’s day – and, with Mother’s Day around the corner, now’s a great time to send Mum an unexpected present. Flowers through the letterbox, who knew?
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“Our potted postal plants take
MINUTES to assemble but will look
beautiful for weeks”