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Skin-tone matching is easy with our recently expanded Autograph make-up range. M&S beauty buyer Rebecca Cullen offers her top tips for finding your perfect shade of foundation


Our glow-getting Autograph Luminosity foundation range has gone from five shades to a more inclusive 30

Find your skin tone. “Think about how your skin reacts to the sun: if you burn easily and do not tan, you most likely have a light skin tone, whereas if you tan easily and never burn, then you probably have a rich skin tone. Those with rich skin tones should colour-match foundation to their body (the chest, for example) to find their truest shade, due to having more natural variation in pigmentation.”

Find your undertone. “If you have light to medium skin, think about the colour of jewellery you look best in, and the colour of your veins on the underside of your wrist. Cool tones often look best in silver jewellery, and have veins that appear blueish-purple, whereas warm tones suit gold jewellery and have veins that look green. (Suit both? You have a neutral undertone.) Warm-tone foundations will blend into a warm skin tone, but will stand out as a bright orange/yellow tone on cool-skin ones. Pink-tone foundations blend into cool skin tones; however, cool-tone foundations will stand out as a pink/salmon colour on warm skin tones.

Those with a very deep skin tone should look to see if they have a red or gold undertone: determine yours by looking in a mirror against a plain background (such as a white wall), or by taking a selfie in natural daylight.”

Meet your match. “Combine the letters for your skin tone (L-light, F-fair, M-medium, D-deep, R-rich) and undertone (W-warm, N-neutral, C-cool) to see what your shade will begin with. To find your perfect match in our Autograph Luminosity radiant skin foundation range, consult the shade key to find your shade grouping: the lower the number, the lighter the shade within that group. You’ll know you’ve found the right colour when the foundation you’re sampling disappears on your skin.”


Autograph Luminosity foundation
Take your pick from 30 shades
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Words: Dulcie Emerson

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