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Bring the colours and fragrances of summer indoors with our British flowers, from stunning sunflowers to bold, bright stocks. Here, deputy flowers editor Olivia Ferguson explores what makes British blooms a cut above the rest and shares her top styling tips

Say hello to sunshine

For me, nothing signals the start of summer quite like the arrival of British sunflowers. These mood-boosting blooms certainly make a statement with their canary yellow petals, textured centre and vibrant green leaves and stems. At my next garden gathering, I’m going to split these summer stars between terracotta pots and glass vases as the focal point of my garden table. All you need to do is trim the stems to suit the vase, remove any leaves that fall below the water line and place in clean vases and pots that are filled with fresh water and flower food. Be sure to refresh the water every couple of days and re-cut the stems for maximum freshness.


Stock up on natural fragrance

British scented stocks are in full bloom in store and online. Bursting with natural fragrance reminiscent of a country garden and available in a range of bright hues, these British-grown blooms are hand-selected by our trusted growers. The farmers work hard to produce stocks that smell amazing and grow bigger and taller. Your stocks will arrive in bud to ensure they look lovely in your home for at least five days. Just trim the stems and place your flowers in a tall vase of fresh water, then sit back and watch them bloom.

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Pick some picture-perfect peonies

The short but oh-so-sweet peony season is here, and I could not be happier! These bestselling blooms are beautifully voluptuous, vibrant and packed full of natural fragrance. Our British peonies will arrive tightly in bud to prolong their life in your home. The bouquet can either be arranged in one vase or split into several to be placed around your home. Make sure there’s enough space in your vase for the flowers to bloom, and refresh the water regularly. If you’re in a hurry for the peonies to open, simply remove the sap from the bud using a damp cloth, carefully peel back the guard petals and place in lukewarm water in a slightly sunny spot.

Order a bouquet of showstopping peonies online – be quick, they won’t be around for long!

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Words: Olivia Ferguson