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Tex Mex Family Dine In

Have a family fiesta with our all new Tex Mex Family Dine In! This £15 deal serves four and includes two mains and four extra dishes

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Get set for a flavour fiesta 

Our new Tex-Mex Family Dine in is guaranteed to be a hit with everyone at the dinner table. Our top picks from the menu? They’ve got to be the slow-cooked pork with smoky bean sauce, golden halloumi, crispy fries and creamy chipotle slaw. For dessert, try our fried churros with chocolate sauce and a cinnamon sugar sprinkle. Find the Tex-Mex Family Dine In deal in store now.

A selection of dishes from the Tex-Mex Family Dine In
  • Spicy chilli-marinated half-chicken

    British half-chicken in a chilli and lemon marinade, topped with red chilli and parsley

    Cheesy chilli beef nachos

    Crunchy nachos with smoky chilli beef, cool sour cream, grated cheese and jalapeños

    Smoky fajita chicken escalopes

    Lightly chipotle-spiced succulent chicken

    Buttermilk chicken tenders

    Mini chicken breast fillets within a southern-fried-style herb and spice coating

    Rump steak burgers

    M&S Select Farms beef burgers with a jalapeño nacho cheese melt

    Slow-cooked pulled pork

    M&S Select Farms pork with a chunky, smoky bean sauce

    Fish taco goujons

    With chipotle aioli

    Halloumi grills (V)

    Halloumi cheese with dried parsley. Grill and top with salsa or guacamole for a tasty tortilla filling

    Plant Kitchen vegan chilli (Ve)

    Hot, smoky plant-based bean chilli

  • Fries (Ve)

    With a lightly seasoned batter

    Spicy rice (Ve)

    Long-grain rice with peppers, chilli and paprika

    Jalapeño popper bites (V)

    Cream cheese spiked with jalapeño chilli, coated in crispy breadcrumbs

    Chipotle coleslaw (V)

    With a smoky chipotle ketchup and sweety-drop red chilli peppers

    Plant Kitchen cauliflower popcorn (Ve)

    Crispy cauliflower florets with a spicy buffalo dip

    Corn cobettes (Ve)

    M&S Select Farms mini corn on the cobs

    Buffalo chicken wings

    Hickory-smoked chicken drumsticks cooked in a sweet and smoky barbecue-style marinade

    Smoky BBQ pit beans (Ve)

    In a sweet and smoky sauce

    Mexican-style fiesta dips (V)

    Zesty guacamole, nacho chilli cheese, sour cream and chive and tangy tomato salsa

    Churros (Ve)

    Fried wheat flour pastries with a pot of chocolate sauce and a cinnamon sugar sachet

    Mango and lime cheesecakes (V)

    Creamy mango cheesecake slices filled with a mango and lime compote

    Triple chocolate brownie (V)

    Baked chocolate brownie made with dark, milk and white chocolate chunks, topped with chocolate sauce and more chocolate chunks