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    Wakefield Riesling - Case of 6

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    • Year:2012
    • Country of Origin:Australia
    • Region:Clare Valley
    • Grape Variety:Riesling
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    Wakefield Riesling - Case of 6

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    Great with seafood and chicken salads, and delicate enough to match goat's cheese in filo pastry or a chickpea falafel. Or try it with tuna carpaccio, or smoked trout paté on toast. Or simple fish and chips with tartare sauce and salad leaves. Not bad with a ham and mushroom pie either!

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      You must be 18 or over to buy this item.

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      Press reviews

      Press reviews

      Here's what the press are saying about Wakefield Riesling - Case of 6

      ""Pithy and with a lime cordial brightness, this lemony white is a great example of the bone-dry Australian style of Riesling. Nicely zippy, it will go well with salt chilli squid.""

      Jamie Goode - Sunday Express

      25th May 2014

      ""Australian riesling is at its best in the Clare Valley - mineral, lime zest and flowery aromas give way to complex flavours of citrus and tropical fruits and green apples, with a bracing acidity and a long finish. All shellfish, but full-bodied enough to match summery chicken dishes.""

      Terry Kirby - Independent on Sunday

      8th June 2014

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