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This Works Baby Sleep Pillow Spray in a dream world setting of clouds and stars




Photographer: Katie Hammond

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Could This Works Baby Sleep Pillow Spray be a dream come true for frazzled babies (and parents)?

As any sleep-deprived parent knows, getting a decent night’s sleep can seem like a pipe dream when there’s a tiny tot in the house (or palace – Kate and Wills, this might be of interest to you). To the rescue comes This Works Baby Sleep Pillow Spray, which promises to help settle little ones (age three months or over) with a blend of mother nature’s most relaxing essential oils. But does it actually work? We asked Style & Living’s stylist Chloe and baby Noah for the verdict. “It smells amazing,” says Chloe. “It helps me wind down as much as Noah, making bedtimes less stressful – exactly what everyone in the house needs at the end of a long day.”
Sweet dreams here

“Teach your TINY tot good sleep habits
from an early age with help from
This Works Baby Sleep Spray”