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Buying guide

How to choose your glassware

Buying guide

How to choose your glassware

From prosecco flutes and cocktail coupes to tumblers for whisky, here’s how to pick the right glass for your tipple of choice


The best glasses for wine and fizz

Did you know that red wines and white wines need different glasses to taste their best? Red wine glasses have a bigger bowl to allow the bold flavours of reds to “breathe”, while the smaller bowls of white wine glasses are ideal for preserving cool temperatures and delicate aromas. Why not decant your wine into a chic glass carafe for extra hosting points?

When it comes to fizz, there are three types of serving glasses commonly used: flutes, saucers and tulips. A narrow flute retains the drink’s bubbles, while a broad saucer means flavours and aromas will build over time. The tulip offers the best of both worlds, with a broader bowl in the middle that tapers in at the top – this means flavours develop while your drink stays fizzy.

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The best glasses for spirits

If you’re serving up a crisp G&T, make sure you use a glass with enough space for plenty of ice and all the botanicals and garnishes you need. Our balloon-style gin glasses have bowls big enough to pack with herbs and citrus slices with aroma and flavour, while their thin stems keep hands away from the bowl and prevent the ice from melting.

Going for a whisky? Whether you prefer it neat or on the rocks, opt for a low tumbler glass – these also work well for other spirits, such as rum and liqueurs. For brandy, our elegant cognac glasses are the perfect choice.

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The best glasses for cocktails

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as serving up the perfect cocktail at home. For classic martinis, we’ve got martini glasses, while our coupes are super-versatile and can be used to serve a variety of cocktails, including cosmopolitans, Manhattans, daiquiris and espresso martinis. For “tall” drinks that use a high proportion of non-alcoholic mixer – such as a mojito, bloody mary or paloma – opt for highball glasses.

Home mixologists, rejoice – we’ve also got plenty of barware to help you shake up your tastiest drinks yet. Choose from cocktail shakers, spirit measures, muddling spoons and strainers – or go all out with a cocktail-making gift set, which includes everything you need.

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Words:Rebecca Hastings

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