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Percy Pig

Discover more about our much-loved Percy Pig sweets, his family and friends and all the latest news

Percy Pig
Percy Pig in yellow wellies

Welcome to the world of Percy Pig

Known for his delicious sweet range of soft gums made with real fruit juice and no artificial colours or flavourings, Percy Pig has been an integral part of M&S for more than 25 years and is adored by kids and adults alike.

Read on to find out more about our much-loved character and his animal friends and family, including wife Penny and, of course, the piglets. There’s even a Percy Pig timeline where you can chart all his sweet adventures.

Find Percy chilling in the freezer

Meet the brand-new addition to the Percy Pig range: Percy Pig ice-cream. This delicious treat, £3, features a ripple of fruity sauce and strawberry marshmallows through signature Percy-flavoured ice-cream. Try scooping the ice-cream into a cone, glass or bowl and topping with sprinkles, marshmallows, Percy Pig dessert sauce and your favourite Percy Pig sweets.

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Percy Pig juggling fruit

Percy goes veggie

This year, Percy Pig went completely vegetarian-friendly so not only are the Original Veggie Percy packets – with green ears – gelatine free, the whole range is. That means even more people can enjoy our Percy Pig sweets. 

Being the piggie perfectionist he is, the veggie versions are as juicy and chewy as you’ve come to expect and remain free from artificial colours and flavourings.

The history of Percy 

Percy Pig sweet packet

Hello, Percy

In 1992, Percy bursts onto the M&S scene. This easy-going grape and raspberry-flavoured pig likes nothing more than sharing his delicious range of sweets and treats

Percy and pals

In 2002, Percy introduces his tasty buddies – a cola cow, and orange and strawberry sheep – to a welcoming public

Percy Pig and pals sweet packet
Percy Pig loves Penny sweet packet

Percy and Penny forever

In 2013, when Percy turns 21, he meets a lovely lemon and vanilla-flavoured girl called Penny, and after long sunset walks and romantic dinner dates the love of his life becomes his wife 

Globetrotting Percy

In 2014, Percy goes on a gap year to India where he meets mango-flavoured Timmy tiger, then on to China where he joins forces with blackcurrant-flavoured Poppy panda. On his return he honours his friends in sweet form

Percy Pig goes globetrotting sweet packet
Percy Pig piglets sweet packet

Here come the piglets

The arrival of some very sweet little additions to the Percy household – the adorable piglets – is a happy day indeed

Percy gets spooky

One Halloween, when Percy decides to don his vampire costume and take the piglets trick or treating, his limited-edition spooky packets are given a ghoulish green makeover 

Percy Pig gets spooky sweet packet
Percy Pig and family sweet packet

Percy and family

Being the family man he is, Percy launches a special mix – a fruity feast of grape and raspberry Percy pigs, lemon and vanilla Penny pigs, and blueberry, lime, orange and strawberry piglets 

Merry Percymas

In 2017, Percy shows how much he loves Christmas by donning his Santa hat for a special-edition sweet that becomes a Christmas stocking staple for countless happy kids

Percy Pig Merry Percymas sweet packet
Percy Pig's parents sweet packet

Meet the parents

In 2018, we’re introduced to Percy’s parents: grape and pear drop-flavoured Patricia, and moustached strawberry and blackcurrant Pops. Unsurprisingly, they’re just as yummy as Percy

 Percy Pig phizzy pigtails sweet packet

Phizzy pigtails

In 2019, in honour of the year of the pig, Percy gets phizzy with it. The sweet-and-sour curly sweets soon become famous for their fruity tanginess. Just the thing to celebrate Chinese New Year!

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