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M&S Food X ZOE Gut Shot


Our exclusive M&S Food X ZOE Gut Shot is packed with over five billion live cultures and high in fibre. Drink a bottle a day to kick-start your morning.


The M&S Food X ZOE Gut Shot

The M&S Food X ZOE Gut Shot is a little bottle with big benefits. When we were looking to create the ultimate Gut Shot, we went to ZOE for their help. Together, we've bottled up ZOE's scientific research with trusted M&S quality ingredients to create a delicious daily shot packed with over five billion live cultures from 14 strains of bacteria.

Pick up in store now for a daily way to kick-start your morning.

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Who are ZOE?

ZOE are personalised nutrition pioneers. By understanding your body with their world-leading science, ZOE transforms your health, inside-out.

“At ZOE, our aim is to provide people with additional ways to improve their gut health, alongside eating a varied diet rich in wholefoods,” says Professor Tim Spector, Co-Founder of ZOE, the nutrition science company.


Five billion reasons to try

We're so excited to launch our M&S Food X ZOE Gut Shot. The kefir-based shot contains a mix of live cultures and is made from British whole milk, colourful plants including baobab and pomegranate, and is high in fibre.

“It’s creamy yet tart, with a hint of ginger and lemon,” says M&S drinks product developer, Claire Richardson. “Plus, it contains calcium and fibre and there’s absolutely no added sugar or sweetener, artificial gums or emulsifiers.”

At M&S we always use natural flavours and colours. It’s been that way since 2008, because for us, this is not just food... it’s never just food.

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