Learn a little bit more about food

Illustration of bread, egg and fruit

Where food comes from

At M&S, our customers can trust that our delicious, quality food has been sourced responsibly and produced to the highest standards. For example, all M&S tea and coffee is Fairtrade, which means our farmers are paid a fair price for the coffee beans and tea they grow. We can also trace all our beef – such as Our Best Ever beef burgers – back to the farm and cow it came from.

A balanced diet

Eating different foods helps us get a variety of nutrients into our diet – helping children to grow and develop. A balanced diet should include at least five portions of fruit and veg a day; protein, such as pulses, meat, or fish; starchy carbohydrates (wholegrains where possible); and dairy. A balanced diet means choosing healthy foods most of the time, with treats, such as Percy Pig fruity chews, sometimes. Look out for our Eat Well logo on products such as our lightly salted rice cakes and our pasta, spinach and pine nut kernels salad, which makes it easier to choose healthy options.