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Remarksable Value every day

Discover exceptional prices on hundreds of products, all with the M&S quality you can trust

ReMarksable Value every day

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This is not just value... this is M&S Remarksable Value

M&S Remarksable Value across hundreds of your weekly essentials brings you the M&S quality you can trust, at great-value everyday prices that you’ll love. Discover everything from 100% traceable Irish beef to Farm Assured milk and our M&S Select Farms fruit and veg in store.

This is not just value: this is here to stay, every day, Remarksable Value from M&S.

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M&S quality at a price you’ll love

A bowl of spaghetti bolognese with parmesan

100% Irish beef mince: €4

Because we only work with trusted M&S Select Farmers, we can trace all our beef – whether it’s a steak, a prepared lasagne or a pack of mince, €4 for 500g – back to the farm and animal it came from

Free-range eggs in a basket

Free-range eggs: €1.29

In 2002 we became the first major retailer to use free-range eggs across our entire food business – and we still do, including in our cakes, quiches, salads and our always-free-range mixed eggs, just €1.29 for six. That’s hearty, nutritious mid-week dinners and breakfasts sorted 

Cheddar cheese toasty and a cup of coffee

Expertly selected cheddar: €2.70

All our mature cheddar cheese is expertly graded. That means our team – who have years of experience – will taste-test to choose the perfect
cheddar for M&S. So you can enjoy this deliciously moreish, rich cheese at its best. Our mature cheddar cheese is just €2.70 for 350g

Store-cupboard heroes 

Stock up on everyday favourites at a brilliant price – without compromising on incredible M&S quality. 

Try our delicious digestive biscuits, 90c for 400g, which are made with demerara sugar for a crispier, crunchier texture, our strawberry jam, 89c for 454g, featuring strawberries selected for their sweetness and flavour, and easy-cook long-grain rice, €1.19 for 1kg, that ensures perfect, fluffy rice every time. 

Pick up all your everyday essentials at a Remarksable Value price in store now. 

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Three ways to top our super-soft bread 

Take your toast topping game to a whole new level by trying our delicious ideas using our super-soft bread, 59c, and Remarksable Value toast toppers.

1. Load up with our pole- and line-caught tuna (€1.27, 160g), sliced M&S Select Farms cucumber (59c each), and extra-large, hand-picked M&S Select Farms iceberg lettuce (59c each).

2. Top with crunchy peanut butter (€1.09, 340g), sliced M&S Select Farms bananas (€1.25 per kg), and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

3. Grate over mature cheddar (€2.70, 350g) and arrange sliced round tomatoes (59c for six) on top, then grill until golden and bubbling.

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Three ways with tinned toms

Our deliciously sweet plum tomatoes, 59c for 400g, are all grown and packed in Italy. Try in these quick meals, all made with Remarksable Value ingredients.

1. Tasty veggie traybake

Add a tin of tomatoes to a baking dish with par-boiled potatoes, peppers and a halved bulb of garlic. Season then bake until reduced and bubbling, before serving with pitta bread.

2. Tortilla pizzas

Blitz tinned tomatoes, then spoon over tortilla wraps and top with cheddar cheese and thinly sliced red onions before baking.

3. Speedy shakshuka

Simmer tinned tomatoes into a sauce with onions and garlic, then crack four free-range eggs on top and bake until the whites have set and the yolks are still runny.

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Up your lunch game 

Sick of the same old lunches? We’ve got your back! Try these tasty ideas, all made with quality, Remarksable Value everyday ingredients.

Pea soup
Gently fry a sliced onion in oil. Add two peeled, diced potatoes and veg stock, simmer until tender, then add 500g peas and cook. Simmer, blitz until smooth, then top with a squeeze of lemon and fresh mint.
Star ingredient: Garden peas, 59c for 1kg, from field to frozen in two hours.

Loaded chicken pittas
Blitz a tin of chickpeas with a squeeze of lemon juice and some olive oil. Grill two mini chicken breast fillets, then load up into a pitta with the chickpeas and some iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber.
Star ingredient: Mini chicken breast fillets from trusted M&S Select Farms.

Five-minute frittata
Fry sliced mushrooms, onions and courgettes until golden. Add a handful of cheddar and three beaten eggs to the pan. Season, fry for two minutes, then finish in the oven.
Star ingredients: Free-range eggs, €1.29 for six, and mature cheddar, €2.70 for 350g.

Pick up all your lunchtime favourites for less in store now. 

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Love your leftovers 

Need ideas to use up bananas? Try making a healthy ‘ice-cream’ the whole family will love. Simply slice bananas then freeze before blitzing in a food processor with a splash of milk and a spoonful of peanut butter to create a deliciously creamy, rich ‘ice-cream’ that’s good for you too. 

Pick up Remarksable Value bananas, €1.25 per kilogram, in store now.

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Truly tasty recipe inspiration

Try Chris Baber’s amazing flavour-packed recipes, all made with incredible quality, Remarksable Value everyday ingredients, such as his take on an Italian carbonara, a family-favourite meatball dish, and more. That’s dinner tonight sorted! 

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