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M&S Quality. Everyday low price.

This is not just value. This is Remarksable Value from M&S.

From a cracking low price on 100% free range eggs to vitamin-enriched bread you’ll raise a toast to, discover everyday low prices on the things you buy most at your local M&S.

Remarksable Value every day

High welfare, low prices

6 free-range British eggs

6 mixed eggs, €1.75

Our free-range mixed eggs are just €1.75 for six – that’s hearty, nutritious mid-week dinners and breakfasts sorted 

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British beef mince

Irish Extra Lean Mince

Because we only work with trusted M&S Select Farmers, we can trace all our beef – whether it’s a steak, in a prepared lasagne or this pack of Irish mince, €4.50 (500g) – right back to the farm and animal it came from

Learn about our Select Farms

British milk

Semi-skimmed milk, €1.05 (1 litre)

We always pay our farmers a fair price thanks to the M&S Milk Pledge, which was created 22 years ago. This means that when you pour the milk for your morning cuppa or stir some into the kids’ porridge, you can trust it came from farmers who share our M&S food values. Plus, our semi-skimmed milk is just €1.05 for one litre

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Fresh for less

Pack in more goodness with our great-value M&S Select Farms fruit and veg 


Bananas,  27c each

Responsibly sourced and also a natural source of potassium, our bananas come from M&S Select Farmers who work with their communities on projects to promote social wellbeing. Pick up a bunch for only 27c each in store


Carrots,  €1.25 per kilo

Sweet and crunchy carrots sourced only from M&S Select Farms we know and trust. Perfect for snacking and in family-favourite dinners. Find them in store for just €1.25 per kilo

British broccoli

Broccoli,  €1.50 each

Freshly picked on M&S Select Farms, our broccoli is packed full of flavour and costs just €1.50 each

Good for your store cupboard, better for your wallet

Stock your kitchen cupboards with Remarksable Value M&S staples, from beans and pasta to microwave rice 

A selection of microwave rice pouches

Microwave rice, from €1.10 each (250g)

Fluffy and full of flavour, our microwave pouches are great for dinners in a flash. Grab one in store.

Baked beans

Baked beans, 45c (220g)

Our baked beans come in a rich tomato sauce – amazing on toast, dolloped onto baked potatoes or as part of your weekend brekkie. Pick up a tin in store for only 45c

A spaghetti dish with bacon and peas

Spaghetti, 70c (500g)

Made with the finest durum wheat and air-dried in Italian alps, our top-quality pasta is seriously tasty, and great value at just 70c (500g)

Kitchen towels

Kitchen Towels, €1.50

Strong and absorbent 2-ply household towels, made using sustainable raw materials

Salmon fillets

Single Salmon fillet, price €3

Expertly sourced, these flaky Scottish salmon fillets have a succulent texture. Naturally rich in Omega-3.

Rich Tea biscuits

Rich Tea biscuits, 60c

These rounded rich tea biscuits are great with a cup of tea

Remarksable Value meal ideas

We’re all looking for budget-friendly ways to feed the family, especially during the school holidays. Our Remarksable Value range means you can cook up tasty meals with ingredients that don’t compromise on M&S quality. Get inspired with these family meals and snacks and pick up all the Remarksable Value ingredients you’ll need to make them in store.

Budget recipes

Our delicious and affordable recipes are great for tighter budgets and will help you to save money in the kitchen.​

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