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These are not just hot drinks…

...these are 100% Fairtrade, next-level-delicious M&S hot drinks. Whether you’re making a pot of tea to enjoy with our brilliant biscuits or need your morning coffee fix, we’ve got just the thing.

Pie & Mash dine in

100% Fairtrade, always

Did you know, tea is the world’s second most popular drink next to water, so it’s a pretty big deal all around the world. For 40 years, we’ve worked with one single expert supplier to responsibly source the best-tasting and best-quality tea. Our supplier sources from tea gardens in the best-known tea growing countries on our behalf, then blends the teas for our stores and M&S Café ranges.

Tea is hugely important to M&S: we sell the equivalent of 400 million cups of it each year, from our Remarksable Value everyday tea to award-winning luxury gold blend and single-origin teabags. Our tea is always 100% Fairtrade, hand-picked by growers who only choose the top two, youngest leaves and a bud for superior flavour and fragrance, then foil-packed for freshness. We are so proud of our luxury gold tea that it’s used in our lemon and peach iced tea soft drinks and served every day in all M&S Cafés.


More tea please

From our luxury gold teabags vacuum-packed at source to keep the freshness and preserve the naturally sweet flavour, to our shortbread tea which gives you all the flavour of a biscuit with none of the crumbs, at M&S, we love a good cuppa.

Our range is bigger than ever, so whether you like to keep it classic, are thinking about treating yourself to something a little more indulgent with our Collection range, love a loose leaf or fancy a fruit infusion, you’ll find your cup of tea in the Foodhall.

Boxes of M&S tea including earl grey, decaf and extra strong
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Wonderful wellness teas

You’ll love discovering our bigger-than-ever range of herbal teas and infusions. Our wellness teas all come with the Eat Well seal of approval and support a range of health benefits. Wind down at the end of the day with Dreamy, a cosy blend of camomile, valerian root, elderflower and rose, which is naturally caffeine-free. Get motivated with Boost, an energising blend of green tea, yerba mate, tropical pineapple and mango. Defence offers a warming blend of citrus, manuka honey turmeric and ginger, fortified with vitamin C. Our Radiance tea is a juicy blend of strawberry flavour, aloe vera, green tea and goji berries, fortified with biotin and vitamin C. And Digest is a soothing blend of peppermint, fennel, ginger and apple, fortified with zinc and millions of friendly bacteria.

M&S coffee

We think about coffee a latte. We are really proud of our coffee range, with rich, dark and smooth blends from across the globe. We all have our preferences when it comes to making coffee at home. Whatever you fancy, our specialist team makes sure you’re getting the very best flavour in every cup, every time. All our beans, ground coffee, bags and pods are Fairtrade, arabica and premium-grade. Between professional tasters at origin and in the UK, coffee for M&S products is taste-checked for quality at least five times.


We offer a range of blends from light to dark roasts, so you can choose your favourite flavour profile. Our speciality-grade, single-origin coffee is sourced by our specialist coffee buyers from the world’s best coffee-growing regions, then quality-graded for a superior taste. Plus, look out for our limited-edition, hyper-local guest coffees, sourced from single growers.

Brilliant biscuits at M&S

Tea and biscuits, coffee and a quick treat, there aren’t many better combinations in life. At M&S, we are very serious about our biscuits. From our outrageously chocolatey, chocolate-covered custard creams to M&S Collection Italian almond cantuccioni, expertly produced by artisan bakers in Tuscany, we’ve got just the crunch for you.

More chocolate than biscuit

More chocolate than biscuit

If you’re like us (which we reckon you are…), you’ll love a choccy biscuit with your tea. They don’t get more chocolatey than our outrageously chocolatey biscuit range. With more chocolate than biscuit, what’s not to love? There’s outrageously chocolatey custard creams and outrageously chocolatey bourbons for you to try. Whose team are you on: #teamcream or #teambourbon?


Iconic Italian biscuits

From our crunchy, slow-baked almond cantuccioni produced in Tuscany in small batches to guarantee quality, to our smooth hazelnut-filled wafers smothered in silky milk chocolate, you really are spoilt for choice. Or as they say in Italy: ‘c'è solo l'imbarazzo della scelta’.

This brilliant biscuit range is our best yet. With so many options, you'll have some tough decisions to make while wandering the aisle.

M&S Italian biscuits

Hot chocolate

If you’re looking for a little indulgence in your life, our range of Belgian hot chocolate flakes need to find their way into your shopping basket.

Luxuriously rich

Luxuriously rich

We might be biased, but our responsibly sourced hot chocolate flakes are next-level indulgent. There are three deliciously decadent options to choose from: 28% Belgian golden blonde flakes are creamy and smooth with notes of caramelised sugar and hints of vanilla; 45% Belgian milk chocolate flakes are silky smooth with a creamy, rich texture and rounded sweetness; and 75% Belgian dark chocolate flakes have deep, rich cocoa notes with well-balanced bitterness. Use your favourite to embrace the cosiness with our easy pumpkin spiced hot chocolate recipe