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Confidence knickers

Introducing the new collection of no-leak knickers, from the luxe lace high leg to everyday low-rise shorts. It’s time to look and feel your best

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Everyday protection

As anyone who’s ever laughed or sneezed knows, minor leaks are a part of daily life. Though they happen to us all, they can still be inconvenient. So, to magic away these minor mishaps, we’ve designed a range of Confidence knickers. They’re a comfortable and reassuring alternative to single-use liners and – even better – they’re machine washable. Made from soft fabrics with smooth finishes, these styles look just like your regular underwear

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Triple layer protection

At every stage of life, tiny slips happen, but with the triple-layered gusset of our Confidence knickers, you needn’t give them a thought. The top layer keeps you feeling dry by drawing moisture into the super-absorbent middle core, while a special outer layer locks it in. We’ve shaped and sized the gusset to make sure it’s effective at catching leaks and, as a further confidence booster, added an anti-odour finish. Our high-leg, short and full-brief shapes are all flattering styles, and can be washed at 40°C then dried as normal. Just give them a quick hand-rinse before popping them in the machine without fabric conditioner

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For lighter days

Worn to deliver reassurance on any day of the month, discreet Confidence knickers have a no-show design that’s comfortable and non-bulky. A choice of cotton with a lace trim or microfibre with a sheer elastic waistband makes these fuss-free options easy to coordinate with everyday bras too

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Maternity made easy

When a baby comes along, new mums have plenty to occupy them. There’s not a spare moment for worrying about the little leaks that are common at this time. With our Confidence collection, you can get on with being a parent while your knickers handle any mishaps. Our layered gusset is tested to lock away 12ml of liquid in its anti-odour core, so you’re covered for the entire day. Leaks? What leaks?

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Black high-leg Confidence knickers

High-leg knickers

Bid farewell to single-use liners when you slip into these

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Black Confidence low-rise shorts

Low-rise shorts

Effective anti-leak protection, wash after wash

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Nude cotton and lace high-leg knickers

High-leg knickers

Finally, knickers that look as good as they feel

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Nude full-brief Confidence knickers

Full briefs

Stay comfortably fresh and dry all day long

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