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Discover Fabulous, our F to H bra range featuring non-wired bras and pretty balcony bras for bigger busts, and read on for expert advice for the perfect fit

Size matters when it comes to bras for bigger busts

When it comes to comfortable bras for big busts, never underestimate the importance of a professional bra fitting (Bra Fit is back in some stores, or use our online bra-fitting tool). If you’ve lost weight, gained weight or had a baby, your bra size is likely to have changed. Fabulous our F to H bra range, with some styles going up to a J, has bras to suit all tastes. Avoid the perils of too-tight straps, digging-in underwires or a ‘mono-boob’ with a bra that perfectly fits both your back and cup size. And don’t forget to consider the silhouette of your bra in relation to your body shape. If you have a small frame with close-sitting breasts, opt for a plunge or a full-cup style, if you have more angular shoulders and a gap between your breasts, try a balcony bra.

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Comfortable bras for big busts start with the fit

The underband should sit just below your shoulder blades and you should only be able to fit two fingers under it. Wires should always sit flat between the breasts and should be flat onto the ribcage at the sides – they shouldn’t sit on breast tissue. Not an underwire fan? We’ve got non-wired bras for big busts too. The cup should fully encase the breast, with no overspill at the front or sides. Straps should be adjusted so that you can fit only two fingers under the strap. The strap should only hold the cup in place, not support your breasts – that is what the underband is for.

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Bras for bigger busts can be lacy, pretty... any style you like

More than one third of women in Britain own eight bras, but only wear two regularly. Our experts recommend buying three bras and refreshing them every six months. DD+ bras need to be changed more frequently to retain the support and fit required. Once you’ve established your size, clear out your lingerie drawer and start from scratch. A full cup T-shirt bra, a pretty balcony bra and a sports bra should have every scenario covered. And once you have the foundations sorted, you can start adding fancier bra styles.

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Editor: Dulcie Emerson

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