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There’s nothing worse than walking around in painful shoes, counting down until the second you can fling them off. That’s why we use clever Insolia technology, so you can put your best foot forward, wince-free


No matter how much you love a pair of shoes, if they’re not comfortable, they just won’t do. M&S heels contain Insolia technology to keep them pain-free. While some other heels contain an artificial arch which blocks the constantly adapting shape of the foot, Insolia encourages the development of a natural arch, supporting your feet. The clever technology also matches your foot’s natural padding, to create a stable, balanced and comfy walking surface all day long. And it’s not just in our heels – some M&S flats and sandals also benefit from Insolia technology, offering improved function and support without any pain. In fact, trials reported “much better” standing and walking comfort with Insolia.


Insolia technology makes your shoes much more wearable, by encouraging proper joint function while you’re walking and reducing pressure on the feet, knees and lower back, helping to improve your posture. What’s more, the Insolia comfort lasts for the lifetime of the shoes and, because it doesn’t rely on lots of padding, the shoes still look super stylish.


What if we told you the shoes you wear could actually make your walking better? Natural walking is very efficient – each step begins with a heel strike, which stores up energy to release when your toes push off the ground. Too much cushioning in the shoes block this natural process – a bit like walking on soft sand – which makes your muscles work harder, meaning you’ll be tired more quickly. Muscle overuse is a leading cause of foot and leg pain, which is another reason to opt for M&S shoes with Insolia.


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