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Meet our M&S Producer

From the beef in your favourite pie to your centrepiece lamb roasting joint, all our M&S meat is sourced from M&S Select Farms that we know and trust. Find out more about the amazing M&S Producer we work with and our top-quality products below
Lamb steaks

What are Select Farms?

We all care about where our food comes from and, at M&S, we’ve made it easy for you to find out. All of our 900+ Select Farms food products come from farmers we know and trust

Our Select Farms brand is part of our wider Plan A initiative, which is our commitment as a business to building a more sustainable future.


Mushrooms brought to you by Garrett Rafferty, Co.Monaghan. Proudly supplying M&S mushrooms for over 25 years.

Irish beef

Fresh Bread

Fresh Bread brought to you by Niamh Hartnett Co.Dublin, proudly supplying M&S fresh bread over 10 years.


Cheese brought to you by Paul Horgan, Co.Cork, proudly supplying M&S cheese over 23 years.

Mineral Water


Chocolates brought to you by Nadine Rozario Co.Meath, proudly supplying M&S collection chocolates over 16 years.