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Make sleeping during the hottest months of the year a breeze with these easy tips and tricks to keep your bedroom cool on warmer nights 

What is the best duvet for summer?

So, how do you cool down your bedroom in the summer months? If you haven’t already, switch winter duvet for a lighter-weight summer duvet. Look for a duvet with a lower tog rating: somewhere between 1 tog and 4.5 tog is ideal. Our Comfortably Cool duvets draw moisture away from your skin, helping to keep your body temperature lower at night. With a pure cotton cover for softness and clever Climate Control technology, this light duvet regulates your temperature as you sleep, keeping you cool and comfortable all night long. Or you could try our Body Sensor 1 tog duvet. With a super-soft hollowfibre filling, it will keep you covered yet cool when the temperature soars.

Choosing the right pillows for warmer weather is a must for a comfortable night’ sleep. Our Fresh and Cool pillows use Hydro Cool technology to help regulate your body temperature and are available in firm or medium.

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Bed linen to keep cool

Using the right sort of bed linen can help keep you cooler at night, too. Natural fabrics such as cotton and bamboo in lighter shades like white, pale blue or pale green will help you feel cool and serene as you head to bed. We’ve got light and airy bedlinen in all styles and sizes in our Comfortably Cool range from single bedding to double bedding, and king-size bedding to super-king-size bedding, all designed with heatwave-busting moisture-wicking properties to help combat hot, sticky nights.

Looking for a cooling option for your duvet cover and pillow cases? Bamboo-rich fabric is a great choice for summer bedding as it’s not only soft and silky, but is also naturally antibacterial, and has our Climate Control technology to keep you feeling fresh all night long.

And don’t forget about your pillow protectors and mattress toppers – choosing the right ones can help you feel much cooler at night. Try our cooling mattress topper, which as well as keeping you sweat-free, also helps prolong the life of your mattress. Pillow protectors keep your bedding fresher during the summer months, this cotton pair are a must-have buy.

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How to make your bedroom cooler

Light and sunny summer mornings and evenings can disturb those crucial first and last hours of sleep and make your bedroom even warmer during the summer months. Blocking out sunlight can help keep your bedroom much cooler, so try blackout blinds and curtains. You’ll hopefully sleep for longer as a result and the temperature in your bedroom will feel less oppressively hot.

If getting to sleep on warm nights is still an issue, there are some other things you could try. Use the power of scent to help create a feeling of calm in your bedroom with Neom’s Perfect Night’s Sleep reed diffuser. Make a sleep-inducing pillow spray part of your wind-down routine. Mist over pillows and let the blend of botanical oils work their magic. Set yourself up for a great night’s sleep with good bedtime habits. Aim to go to bed around the same time every day. Switch off devices a few hours before bed, apply our customer-favourite sleep cream and make time for screen-free relaxing, whether that’s doing some gentle stretching or reading a book.

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Words: Sarah Lafarge