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The tastiest lunch ever

We’re improving all your lunchtime faves with even better ingredients – think crispier bacon, creamier cheddar and richer mayo 

More mmmmm in your M&S lunch

Whether you’re grabbing lunch on the go or eating al desko, pick up our upgraded sarnies, wraps and rolls in store now. If it’s got new packaging, it means you’ve picked up one of our next-level tasty sarnies! ​ 

Wondering how we’ve made your lunchtime favourite even more delicious? Check out just a few of our ingredient upgrades below...

The crispiest bacon
We now use 100% bacon – that’s dry-cured and DOUBLE smoked over oak and beech for deeper, smokier flavour – in our bestselling BLT, chicken Caesar wrap, and more.

The creamiest cheddar
The cheddar in our sandwiches has been upgraded to a 100% farmhouse cheddar that’s made in a creamery with West Country milk – YUM!

The richest mayo
Made with fresh lemon juice and free-range egg yolks, the mayo in our sandwiches, rolls and wraps is more luxurious than ever​.

The very best butter
Want full-on flavour? Our sandwiches and rolls now feature freshly churned, salted butter for extra oomph. ​


Tasting is believing, so pick up one of our upgraded sandwiches in store now. 

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The ultimate BLT

Pick up a flavour-packed classic for lunch by choosing our upgraded BLT. Starring our new crispier, oakier, smokier and tastier bacon from M&S Select Farms, rich and creamy mayonnaise, indulgent salted better, crisp lettuce and fresh sliced tomatoes, this next-level-tasty sarnie is finished with a sprinkle of cracked pepper.

Pick up this super-delicious sandwich and many more in store now. 

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The next-level-tasty chicken and avocado sarnie 

Love our chicken and avocado sandwich? Well, we’ve taken it to the next level with super-succulent M&S Select Farms chicken breasts, a basil and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese mayonnaise, fresh avocado and spinach, sandwiched between malted brown bread that’s enriched with vitamin D.

Find this superstar sarnie and more in store now. 

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The most-wanted chicken Caesar wrap

Filled with 20% more filling than before, our chicken Caesar wrap is bigger, better and tastier than ever! Succulent chicken breasts from M&S Select Farms, crispier and oakier smoked bacon, cos lettuce, spinach, and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese are wrapped inside our softer and fluffier five-grain wrap.

Discover the full range of upgraded sandwiches, wraps and rolls in store and get ready for more mmmmm in your M&S lunch.

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