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The flavour-packed family feast

Take your night in up a notch with our brand-new Asian-inspired Family Dine In. For just €22, pick up two mains and four extras. 

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It’s here: Asian fusion Family Dine In

Serve up a family feast without the fuss (or mess!) thanks to our Asian fusion Family Dine In. This €5.50-per-person, serves-four deal includes two mains, like a miso mushroom rice bowl or firecracker chicken noodles, and four extra dishes, like dim sum or pow pow cauliflower, for only €22.

To get the maximum saving of €17.60, choose one fragrant beef rice bowl, one yellow chicken curry and four of the following sides (you can mix and match): sweetcorn fritters or krispy chicken karaage.

Asian fusion Family Dine In
  • Chicken katsu curry

    Two crispy katsu chicken breasts with lightly spiced katsu curry sauce

    Veggie Singapore noodles (Ve)

    Fine rice noodles with vibrant veggies in a coconut and tamarind sauce, topped with pea shoots

    Firecracker chicken noodles

    Chicken and egg noodles in a hot firecracker sauce with fresh coriander and carrot

    Miso mushroom rice bowl (Ve)

    Japanese rice and water chestnuts, topped with miso mushrooms, kimchi and fresh pea shoots

    Fragrant beef rice bowl

    Japanese rice and  water chestnuts topped with tender beef, kimchi and fresh coriander

    Miso yaki chicken noodles

    Rice noodles with chicken in a miso dressing with fresh pak choi

    Yellow chicken curry

    Zingy and light Thai curry with chicken, butternut squash, sugar snaps and fresh coriander

    Yellow tofu curry (Ve)

    Zingy and light Thai curry with tofu, butternut squash, sugar snaps and fresh coriander

  • Fragrant rice (Ve)

    Steamed with lime leaves

    Tempura vegetable fritters (Ve)

    With sweet black rice vinegar dipping sauce

    Sweetcorn fritters (Ve)

    With sweet chilli dipping sauce

    Crispy chicken karaage

    Soy, ginger and garlic-marinated crispy chicken

    Bang bang noodle slaw (Ve)

    Rice noodles, veggies and satay peanuts in a coconut and chilli dressing

    Pow pow cauliflower (Ve)

    With a sticky garlic, ginger and red chilli dressing

    Trio of dim sum (Ve)

    Two edamame and asparagus, two mushroom and two veg trio dim sum

    Crispy katsu parcels (Ve)

    Crispy bread parcels filled with vegetables and served with a katsu sauce