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Italian Dine in

Bring a piece of Italy home with you from the M&S Foodhall.

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Say ciao to our fuss-free feast

Who doesn’t love Italian food? Our Italian Dine In is a real crowd-pleaser. With one mains – including beef lasagne – and two extras – including cheesy mushroom arancini and stone baked garlic bread – for just €12.

Italian Family Dine in
  • Chicken pasta bake

    Italian pasta with tomato sauce, succulent pieces of chicken breast, basil pesto and mozzarella cheese

    Chargrilled vegetable pasta bake (V)

    Italian pasta in a rich tomato sauce topped with courgettes, red onions, chargrilled peppers and mozzarella cheese drizzled with a basil and pine kernel pesto

    Beef bolognese pasta bake

    Italian pasta topped with minced beef ragu, bechamel sauce and cheddar and red Leicester cheese

    Beef lasagne

    Beef bolognaise layered between Italian egg pasta, topped with bechamel cheese sauce and cheese

    Spinach and ricotta ravioli (V)

    Spinach and ricotta filled egg pasta parcels with a rich tomato sauce, spinach, pesto and Santarella tomatoes

    Mediterranean-style vegetable pasta bake (V)

    Pasta with a tomato sauce and Mediterranean vegetables, topped with mozzarella cheese and parsley crumb

  • Sweet potato fries

    Sweet potato fries coated lightly in a seasoned crispy batter


    Thinly cut potato chips in a lightly seasoned batter

    Italian herb potatoes

    with pesto drizzle

    Rosa verde salad

    Butterhead and lamb’s lettuce with Santini tomatoes, cucumber and pointed peppers

    Collection queen Nocellara olives

    Italian stone-in green olives dressed in Italian extra virgin olive oil. Gently picked for their plump texture and mild butter flavour

    Cheesy mushroom arancini

    Mushroom and cheese rice balls coated in breadcrumbs with a cheese sauce centre

    Stone baked garlic bread

    Four stone baked breads topped with garlic and parsley butter

    Hand crafted red onion and fontal cheese pantofola

    Made using a slowly fermented dough, this bread is topped with sweet red onions and fontal cheese, then baked for a distinctive crisp crust