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Italian Family Dine In

Take a break from cooking and serve up the ultimate Italian family dinner with our serves-four deal. For just €20, choose four mains and four extra dishes

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Italian Night Family Dine In feast

The family favourite feast 

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love pasta, pizza, cheesy sides and indulgent desserts!? Our new Italian Night Family Dine In is fuss-free, truly tasty and will be a hit with all the family. Discover delicious classic pasta dishes, such as lasagne, bolognese and carbonara, and ultra-thin, crispy pizzas that are topped with spicy chicken, oozy mozzarella and so much more. Once you’ve picked your four mains it’s time to decide which four extra dishes will be on your night-in menu. Pick up mozzarella sticks, olives, tiramisu, panna cotta and more. 

Find the Family Dine In exclusively in store now.


Veggie? We’ve got it covered

Our Family Dine In features a range of delicious vegetarian and vegan options. From garlic doughballs and sweet potato chips to our Plant Kitchen lasagne and spinach and ricotta pasta shells, there’s something for everyone! 

Pick up your dream Italian dinner exclusively in store now, where you can choose four mains and four extra dishes for just €20.

Family Dine In veggie options
  • ’Nduja meatballs with pappardelle

    Spicy, succulent, ’nduja sausage meatballs in a sweet and smoky tomato sauce with fresh pappardelle pasta and a parmesan crumb

    Slow-cooked beef bolognese with tagliatelle 

    Italian egg tagliatelle served with a rich beef and pork ragu with pancetta and a splash of chianti, topped with grated parmesan

    Lasagne al forno

    Slow-cooked beef and pork ragu layered between sheets of free-range egg pasta, topped with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese bechamel sauce 

    Pancetta carbonara

    Authentic Italian spaghetti with a rich and silky parmesan sauce, Italian pancetta and parmesan shavings

    King prawn risotto

    Carnaroli rice with a white wine and tomato sauce, juicy king prawns and Santarella tomatoes 

    Spinach and ricotta giant shells (V)

    Italian conchiglie with spinach and ricotta, a sweet tomato sauce and a pesto pine nut crumb

    Ultra-thin mozzarella and basil pesto pizza (V)

    Hand-stretched, wood-fired pizza topped with tomato sauce, creamy Italian mozzarella pearls, slow-roasted Santarella tomatoes from Puglia and fragrant basil pesto

    Ultra-thin salami Firenze pizza

    Hand-stretched, wood-fired pizza topped with tomato sauce, Italian fennel salami, mozzarella, Santarella tomatoes and garnished with parsley

    Ultra-thin spicy chicken arrabbiata pizza

    Hand-stretched, wood-fired pizza topped with tomato sauce, fiery marinated chicken, sweet and spicy roquito peppers and red chillies 

    Plant Kitchen lasagne (Ve)

    Layers of rich soya ragu, pasta and a vegan bechamel sauce – high in plant protein and super tasty!

  • Nocellara olives (Ve)

    Olives from South West Sicily, specially selected for their size, mild buttery flavour and firm texture, dressed in Italian extra-virgin olive oil 

    Mozzarella sticks (V)

    Melty, oozy mozzarella coated in crispy, golden breadcrumbs 

    Mozzarella and Santini tomato side salad (V)

    Mixed leaf salad with Santini tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and marinated semi-sundried tomatoes with an aged balsamic dressing 

    Garlic doughballs (V)

    12 doughballs filled with delicious garlic and parsley butter

    Pantofola (V)

    A slowly fermented dough, topped with sweet red onions and fontal cheese and baked in a stone-bed oven for a distinctive crisp crust 

    Sweet potato chips (Ve)

    Sweet potato chips coated in a lightly seasoned crispy batter

    Tiramisu (V)

    An Italian classic! Sponge soaked with coffee sauce, mascarpone and marsala wine topping and dusted with cocoa

    Gastropub mango and passion fruit panna cotta (V)

    A smooth vanilla panna cotta with a mango and passion fruit compote

    Triple chocolate sundae (V)

    Delicious layers of chocolate sauce, milk and white chocolate mousse, topped with whipped cream, chocolate brownie and dark choc curls 

    Millionaire shortbread cheesecake (V)

    Richly decadent caramel and toffee cheesecake with an all-butter shortbread base