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Look after your cashmere and your cashmere will look after you. From washing methods to correct storage, consider this your cheat sheet to making your most treasured knitwear last a lifetime

Close-up of cashmere jumpers

How to wash cashmere

All our cashmere is machine washable, however it’s best to wash inside out on a gentle cycle using a mild detergent for best results. If you prefer to hand wash your favourite jumpers and cardigans, use warm water and do not wring, stretch or rub the fabric, as this can cause the shape to distort. Roll the garment in a clean towel and press to remove excess water before drying flat away from direct heat and sunlight. Press with a cool iron, et voila.

How to store cashmere

Cashmere’s pliability means it is best stored folded on a shelf in your wardrobe, or in a drawer, rather than on a hanger. (Unless you like pointy bits on your shoulders…) Best still, a box with a secure lid or a zip-lock bag adds an extra layer of protection from pesky moths. Store your cashmere clean over the summer as it is otherwise irresistible to moths looking for the perfect spot to lay their eggs – it’s the hungry larvae that create the holes, after all.


How to prevent pilling

Do not despair at the appearance of tiny fuzzy balls on the surface of the fabric, it’s totally natural and some light pilling is to be expected. Use a special cashmere comb to remove the bobbles and over time any pilling should consolidate and add to the downy softness of the garment in what is referred to as ‘the halo’. Washing the garment inside-out will also minimise the amount of rubbing to the surface, reducing the amount of pilling.