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What makes our cashmere so special?

Cashmere goats

We use Grade A fibres: the longest, finest fibres for softness and durability

It's expertly dyed in modern shades. Then, each garment is washed so it's super soft

Close-up of a mint-green cashmere jumper
Woman wearing a grey cashmere roll-neck jumper

It’s knitted to size, not stretched, so holds its shape when washed

Our yarn is spun using traditional methods

Cashmere spools

New cashmere styles

We’re offering more colours and styles than ever before. Check out our pure cashmere stepped-hem funnel-neck jumpers, relaxed-fit hoodies and cosy accessories – all at brilliant prices

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Caring for your cashmere

Look after your cashmere and your cashmere will look after you. From washing methods to correct storage, we show you how to make your most treasured knitwear last a lifetime

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