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Our Best Ever

Our Best Ever range features family favourites, expertly developed by our chefs and made with the finest ingredients so they’re off-the-scale delicious. Need we say more?

Our Best Ever lasagne

Simply the best

This is not just food, this is the Our Best Ever range from M&S: your favourite dishes, expertly developed by our chefs, and quite simply delicious. 

When we launched Our Best Ever burger in summer 2018, it was so popular it made the news. Next came Our Best Ever prawn sandwich, which became bestselling sandwich last year.

Now, we have some exciting new additions to the range, including Our Best Ever sausage roll and Our Best Ever prawn cocktail. 

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Our Best Ever sausage roll

Made with pork from Select Farms, where quality and animal welfare are the priorities, and seasoned with caramelised onion, sage and coriander, Our Best Ever sausage roll is the most succulent and flavour-packed sausage roll we’ve ever tasted. The all-butter puff pastry is made by hand over three days in a traditional process that includes resting time, which allows it to mature, ensuring the perfect texture and flavour. The end result is the ultimate sausage roll, which is 70% succulent, meaty sausage with caramelised edges and 30% golden flaky pastry. Eat on its own or serve with a dollop of ketchup or mustard.

Discover Our Best Ever range, including the sausage roll, when you’re next in store shopping for your essentials.

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Our Best Ever prawn cocktail

Love our bestselling prawn sarnie? Then you won’t be able to resist Our Best Ever prawn cocktail, featuring a mix of juicy Atlantic prawns and premium Madagascan king prawns. The plump shellfish are covered in a luxurious cocktail sauce made with mayonnaise, tomatoes, lemon juice, brandy and Worcester sauce. It’s the perfect fresh dish for a summer starter or light lunch.

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Our Best Ever pork sausage

Bigger, better, meatier… introducing Our Best Ever pork sausage, which is made from high-quality outdoor-bred pork from Select Farms, where quality and animal welfare are key.

The sausages feature premium cuts of shoulder and belly, and pork stock to ensure maximum flavour and melt-in-the-mouth texture. Serve with wholegrain mustard mash, spring greens and gravy, or give our breakfast and toad in the hole recipes a go.

Our Best Ever pork sausage, is now available in store.

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Our Best Ever lasagne

Our beefiest ever lasagne, made with a flavour-packed beef and twice-smoked pancetta ragu, with Italian chianti red wine and a rich and ultra-creamy Grana Padano cheese bechamel sauce. It’s all layered with five sheets of the finest free-range egg pasta, for a deep and hearty lasagne that’s heaven on a cold night.

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Our Best Ever Scottish smoked salmon pâté

Our Best Ever smoked salmon pâté is made with smoked salmon from a small smokehouse, established in Speybay, Scotland, in 1913, which is smoked in a traditional kiln. Blended with honey-roast hot smoked salmon and mixed with gherkins, capers, lemon, chives and dill for a fantastic fresh flavour, it’s as good as a pâté you'd order in a restaurant.

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Our Best Ever fishcakes

Irresistible fishcakes made with a balanced blend of smoked haddock, cod and Scottish salmon fillets, with a fluffy mash made with cheddar and herbs. They’re coated in a crispy Japanese-style crumb and seasoned with shallots and lemon zest. Simply bake in the oven until gorgeously golden and serve with fresh lemon-dressed greens.

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Our Best Ever chicken kiev now serves two

40 years on from the release of our iconic chicken kiev, we've introduced Our Best Ever version – and it’s big enough for two. Featuring tender chicken in a deliciously flavoursome sourdough breadcrumb, with both freshly chopped garlic and wild garlic leaves for an indulgently rich garlic flavour and lashings of butter for that wonderful ‘ooze’ when sliced, it makes a totally delicious meal for sharing.

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Our Best Ever ham and cheese sandwich

This isn’t just a ham and cheese sandwich, this is Our Best Ever ham and cheese sandwich. It’s made with maple and mustard glazed ham, sourced from M&S Select Farms, and matured Cornish Cover cheddar cheese from Cornwall’s Davidstow Creamery.

Garnished with baby spinach leaves and finished with our special recipe maple mustard butter and unami flavoured cream cheese for extra succulence, it’s a little bit special.

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Discover Our Best Ever

Our Best Ever quiche Lorraine sliced on a chopping board

Our Best Ever quiche Lorraine

Made with cheesy, buttery pastry, our quiche is deep filled with free-range egg and double-cream custard, gruyère cheese and smoky bacon lardons, then baked until golden.

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Our Best Ever trifle with a healthy scoop removed

Our Best Ever trifle 

Packed with triple the amount of fruit and topped with a luxuriously rich Madagascan vanilla custard, Our Best Ever trifle makes the perfect decadent pudding.

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Our Best Ever prawn sandwich on a chopping board with crisps and a drink

Our Best Ever prawn sandwich

Tuck into Our Best Ever version of our iconic prawn sandwich, made with plump prawns and a tangy Marie Rose sauce, for the ultimate in sandwich satisfaction.

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Our Best Ever burger on a chopping board with a pot of pepper

Our Best Ever burger

Made with specially selected cuts of brisket, shortrib, sirloin and chuck steak, plus a hint of bone marrow, the brilliance of these burgers made the news – and you'll soon see why.

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Our Best Ever steak pie

Our Best Ever steak pie is handmade in Yorkshire using generous portions of tender beef, diced by hand and slow-cooked for three hours.

Drenched in a rich caramelised onion gravy made from the roasting pan juices and smoked bacon lardons, then encased in an all-butter shortcrust pastry, it's sheer pie heaven.

Simply pop in the oven and watch it turn gloriously golden, then serve with some steamed green beans.

How's it made? Watch the video now to find out.

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