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Nice and cheesy

We've just released a special five-year matured edition of our award-winning Cornish cruncher cheddar – so there’s no excuse needed to make this tasty cheese the star of your autumn cooking

This is not just any cheddar...

This is our special edition five-year matured Cornish cruncher. A customer favourite, Cornish cruncher cheddar is as popular now as it was when it launched 15 years ago – it’s won a gold award every year since. Made in Cornwall to a recipe developed just for M&S, its unique flavour is thanks to the Cornish pastures where the cheese is produced, while naturally occurring crystals give it a distinctive, subtly crunchy, moreish texture.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of this delicious nutty and savoury cheese, we’re releasing a very special edition that’s been matured for five years – the longest of any supermarket cheddar. Maturing the cheese for this long means it has a rich, intense flavour.

As well as being a winner in sandwiches, bubbling on toast or melted into an epic take on mac ’n’ cheese, this delicious cheddar makes the perfect centrepiece to your cheeseboard. Get inspired with our tips on how to create one, and the best drinks to serve alongside, below.

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Top tips for building a cheeseboard

Don’t go overboard: choose two or three of your favourite cheeses, one stronger, one milder (not forgetting our special edition Cornish cruncher, of course) and serve generous wedges of each.

Ensure the cheeses are served at room temperature so you can enjoy their full flavours.

Serve something sweet alongside: fresh figs, dried fruit and slices of apple (tossed in a little lemon juice so they don’t discolour) all work well.

Pick the perfect drinks pairing. Our Cornish cruncher pairs brilliantly with vintage port, Cornish ale or cider and pinot noir wine. Cheers to a champion cheese.

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