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Meat free Monday with plant kitchen

This year, M&S is supporting Meat Free Monday, bringing you recipes, tips and advice to help you incorporate more plant-based meals into your diet. From flavour-packed homemade dinners to fuss-free Plant Kitchen meals and freezer favourites, be inspired by our tasty veggie and vegan ideas
Harissa Aubergine and Minestrone

Happy Mondays 

Did you know that one of the simplest changes you can make to help reduce climate change is switching to a more plant-based diet? If you went meat free every Monday for a year, you’d save the equivalent of 434 car miles of greenhouse gases. That’s why we’re supporting Meat Free Monday to provide our customers looking to make this change with recipes, tips and advice from our nutritionists. “It’s great that M&S is supporting Meat Free Monday and inspiring people to eat less meat and dairy,” says Suzanne Barnard, senior campaign manager at Meat Free Monday. “Having at least one plant-based day a week is a simple way to help protect the planet.”

What’s more, we’ll be helping you eat more sustainably with our Sparking Change challenge. Click below to find out more and keep scrolling for recipe ideas and new-in vegan dishes from our Plant Kitchen range.


Spice up your life 

Love Our Best Ever chicken tikka masala? Why not swap it this Monday for our new Eat Well Plant Kitchen tikka masala curry? We’ve used the same cooking techniques to create a vegan version of your favourite curry, featuring 12 fragrant, balanced spices, creamy coconut milk, flame-grilled onions, roasted squash and cauliflower. It’s 100% plant-based, ready in flash, packed with flavour and healthy. What’s not to love?

Explore our Plant Kitchen range in store now.

Plant Kitchen tikka masala curry
Plant Kitchen frozen food

Plant-powered favourites in the freezer

Want to keep your Meat Free Mondays quick and easy? Get ahead by stocking the freezer with plant-based family favourites, such as our Plant Kitchen chunky fish fingers (rice flakes and lemon coated in a golden crumb), Plant Kitchen chicken nuggets (tender chunks of pea protein in a crispy farmhouse crumb) and Plant Kitchen soya sausages. They’re all available in our freezer aisle now. 

Simple swaps 

Switching meat for pulses, beans, vegetables or meat alternatives is an easy way to make your favourite family meals vegetarian. Try swapping the chicken in your stir fry for our Plant Kitchen no chicken pieces, or instead of pork meatballs in a pasta dish, add in some extra veggies or our new Plant Kitchen veggie balls. 

Looking for inspiration? Click below to try our Vietnamese-style sticky noodle salad and so much more. Plus, pick up our Fresh Market Magazine in store soon for more Meat Free Monday inspiration and veggie and vegan recipe ideas.

Vietnamese-style sticky noodle salad
Spiced winter root veg tagine

Veg out

Serve up a nutritious, veg-packed dinner this Meat Free Monday. For a winter warmer, try making our spiced winter root veg tagine – it’s packed full of Moroccan-inspired flavours and is quick to prepare thanks to our ready-chopped root veg. The dish is topped with yoghurt, Plant Kitchen Greek-style cubes, herbs and toasted almonds. Plus, our nutritionists have given it the Eat Well sunflower, so you’ll know you’re making a healthy choice.

Discover this recipe and lots more – including sticky harissa-baked aubergines, our ultimate vegan bolognese and a jerk-roasted veg and grain salad – by clicking below.