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Plant based, totally delicious

Our bestselling Plant Kitchen range includes tasty vegan dishes that mean you’ll never have to compromise

Plant Kitchen green Thai curry with jasmine rice

What is Plant Kitchen?

Whether you’re going vegan, avoiding meat and dairy or simply enjoy incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet, our new Plant Kitchen range means you’ll never have to compromise on taste. 
Expertly developed by our chefs, every product is rigorously benchmarked so it tastes just as good or even better than its meaty counterpart. 

From fuss-free prepared meals to scratch-cooking ingredients and sweet treats, there’s something for everyone – pop in store to discover the whole range!

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Look what’s new!

Plant Kitchen meal deal

Looking for fuss-free, epically delicious and totally plant-based dinner ideas? Introducing our new Plant Kitchen meal deal, which includes a main, side and dessert. Pick up our bestselling no-chicken kievs and serve them with our sweet potato fries for the ultimate treat. For pud, it’s got to be our strawberry cheesecake wedges, which are packed full of Madagascan vanilla and sweet summer strawberry flavour.

Discover our Plant Kitchen meal deal in store now.

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More meal-deal ideas

Our melt-in-the-middle no-fishcakes are also available in our Plant Kitchen meal deal. With an oozing garlic centre and golden crumb, this marvellous main pairs perfectly with delicious green veggies. If you’re a chocoholic, then you need to try our Plant Kitchen Belgian chocolate mousse pot, which is topped with a rich choc sauce and crunchy cocoa nibs.

Pick up our serves-two Plant Kitchen meal deal in store now.

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Plant Kitchen no-lamb koftas 

Up your grill game with our new range of Plant Kitchen barbecue beauties. Try our no-lamb koftas, which are made from pea and wheat protein and flavoured with mint, garlic and red jalapeno chilli. The end result? Super succulent and juicy Middle-Eastern inspired koftas that taste incredible. Serve them in pitta breads with garlic sauce, pickled pink onions and salad. 

Grab our no-lamb koftas in store now.

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Plant Kitchen battered fishless goujons

Meet our new Plant Kitchen fishless goujons – set to be your new favourite! They’re made from rice protein and coated in zesty lemon and a herby, crispy batter. Try serving them in a sarnie with vegan mayo and gherkins, with sweet potato fries and veggies, or in soft tacos with crunchy slaw, avocado, coriander and hot sauce.

Find our Plant Kitchen battered fishless goujons in store.

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Plant Kitchen crispy BBQ wings 

Packed full of Korean-inspired flavour, these delicious pea protein wings are given a taste power-punch with gochujang paste and served with a tangy BBQ sauce. Enjoy as a snack or in a wrap with crunchy slaw. 

Our Plant Kitchen cripsy BBQ wings are available in store now. 

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Plant Kitchen Greek-style cubes in brine 

If you’re after a tasty alternative to feta, our new Plant Kitchen Greek-style cubes – which capture the tangy flavour and crumbly texture of feta – are for you! Made with coconut oil for creaminess, and without gluten or soya, they’re delicious in a crunchy salad with tomatoes and cucumber, spooned into pitta breads with fresh veg, or crumbled on top of vegan puff pastry before baking.

Find our Plant Kitchen Greek-style cubes in store now. 

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Plant Kitchen no-chicken Southern-fried tenders

Plant Kitchen no-chicken Southern-fried tenders

Made using our innovative pea protein, these golden, crunchy tenders have the texture and taste of chicken – it’s hard to believe they’re plant-based!
Succulent pea protein pieces coated in a seasoned Southern-fried crumb, they’re delicious in burgers, with sweet potato fries and crunchy slaw, or simply dunked into our Plant Kitchen vegan mayonnaise

Plant Kitchen sweet ’n’ sour no-chicken

Plant Kitchen sweet ’n’ sour no chicken

This first-to-market must-try is our vegan version of that Chinese takeaway fave, sweet and sour chicken and egg-fried rice! Tender pieces of succulent pea protein coated in a crisp, golden batter, with our special eggless fried rice, made with marinated tofu, and a lip-smacking sweet and sour sauce. Perfect for a Friday-night takeaway treat

Plant Kitchen no-chicken Kiev

Plant Kitchen no-chicken Kiev

Meet our first ever plant-based kiev, made from soya protein with an oozing garlic filling and coated in crispy, golden breadcrumbs. Serve simply with a watercress and spinach salad and a wedge of lemon. Or try with chunky sweet potato wedges and crunchy slaw for the perfect family meal

Plates of Plant Kitchen melt-in-the-middle no-fishcakes served with green beans

Plant Kitchen melt-in-the-middle no-fishcakes 

Flakes of succulent rice protein with an oozing garlic centre and golden crumb – a vegan game changer

Plant Kitchen New York-style no-salt-beef pretzel roll

Plant Kitchen New York-style no-salt-beef pretzel roll 

A first-to-market vegan no-salt-beef pretzel roll with sauerkraut, pickled dill cucumber, mustard dressing and vegan cheese

Plant Kitchen no-chicken chunks served with avocado and lime wedges

Plant Kitchen no-chicken chunks

Add these protein-rich succulent chunks – which come in fiery piri-piri or smoky barbecue flavour – to sandwiches and salads

Vegan recipe inspiration

Put our just-landed Plant Kitchen products to delicious use in these tasty plant-based dishes 

Southern fried no-chicken tenders in lettuce cups

No-chicken vegan lettuce cups

Load fresh little gem lettuce leaves with our Plant Kitchen no-chicken southern fried tenders and cooked vermicelli noodles, tossed in a red chilli and lime dressing. Finish with more fresh chilli and a squeeze of lime

Greek-style vegan stew

Greek-style vegan stew

Simmer our Plant Kitchen no-chorizo puppies with sliced onions and peppers before adding a tin of tomatoes and a tin of butterbeans. Simmer until thick, and top with Plant Kitchen Greek style cubes in brine 

Vegan chocolate bircher breakfast

Vegan chocolate bircher breakfast

Pour our Plant Kitchen chocolate oat drink over porridge oats and leave to sit overnight. The next day, top with fresh berries and nuts, and a spoonful of Plant Kitchen coconut pot 

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Amanda’s Plant Kitchen fave 

Our taste testers are back to put our new Plant Kitchen dishes to the test! What will Amanda Holden make of our New York-style no-salt beef pretzel roll, chocolate oat drink and new vegan cookie, and which will she choose as her #MyMarksFave? 

Watch the video

Paddy’s Plant Kitchen top pick 

Watch Paddy McGuinness tuck into two of our new plant-based creations – our New York-style no-salt beef pretzel roll and our stawberry cheesecake wedges. The big question is, will he give the #MyMarksFave crown to the sweet or savoury star? 

Watch the video

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Amazing meat-free mains

Going meat-free doesn’t mean skipping the flavour thanks to the new additions to our Plant Kitchen range, from delicious burgers to vegan sausages

Plant Kitchen no-beef burger in a bun with lettuce, tomato, onion and mustard

Plant Kitchen no-beef burger

Soya mince and vegetable suet keep this meat-free patty deliciously moist. Serve in a toasted burger bun with tomato relish, mustard, sliced beef tomato and red onion

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Plant Kitchen posh dogs in hot dog buns with slices of avocado, tomato and red onion

Plant Kitchen posh dogs

Our grilling game changers are made with juicy mushrooms, soya, caramelised onions and a hint of black pepper

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Sweetcorn and chickpea burger in a bun with lettuce, red onion and mustard

Plant Kitchen sweetcorn and chickpea burger

These hearty Mexican-inspired vegan burgers are flavoured with coriander, cumin, smoky paprika, lemon and garlic. Serve with sliced red onions and a squeeze of hot sauce, if you like

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Plant Kitchen cauliflower popcorn bites

We challenge anyone to stop at just one of our Plant Kitchen cauliflower popcorn bites. Mini cauliflower florets are coated in a fluffy batter that’s gorgeously crisp on the outside, while the cauliflower stays tender within. Simply bake in the oven until golden, then serve with the sweet and spicy buffalo dip and an ice-cold beer.

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Superb sweet treats

Plant Kitchen marshmallows and fruit on skewers

Plant Kitchen vanilla-flavour marshmallows

Our first-ever vegan marshmallows are fluffy, delicious and made without gelatine! Toast on the barbie, dip into dark chocolate or use to make s’mores or rocky road

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Plant Kitchen chocolate and vanilla cones

Plant Kitchen chocolate and vanilla cones 

Delicious creamy dairy-free chocolate and vanilla ice-cream in a gluten-free biscuit cone topped with chocolate flakes

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Crunchy apple wedges with peanut butter

Crunchy apple wedges

Granny Smith apples with a crunchy peanut butter dip: the perfect pick-me-up during the 3pm energy slump

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Plant Kitchen melt-in-the-middle no-fishcakes served with green beans

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