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Balanced For You

We've done all the hard work of planning your healthy meals with our Balanced for You range. With innovative recipes, fresh ingredients and exciting ideas, we can help make sure you top up your protein intake while still getting the balance of carbohydrates just right

Balanced for you lobster mac n' cheese

All about the range

The hardest thing about eating healthier is not being able to eat all your favourite dishes. With our tasty Balanced for You range, you might find yourself a new favourite, while still enjoying indulgent meal like our Prawn Mac 'n' Cheese (pictured). Exclusive to M&S, our selection has been developed using expert advice from the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health, who are renowned for their ground-breaking research.

All the dishes in the range are high in protein with balanced carbohydrates and are, most importantly, deliciously healthy. You can expect to find all sorts of nutritious carbs in each meal, from beans and pulses to grains. All Balanced For You dishes also carry the healthy Eat Well logo and many provide at least one of your five-a-day.

Make a meal plan

We all know that sticking to a healthy eating plan can be tricky, so make mealtimes a little easier by keeping a selection of Balanced for You dishes in the fridge like our chilli con carne (pictured). If you want to start building your own routine, why not try our tracker? Add your favourite meals from the range as you go to your Balanced For You tracker over a four-week period. Don't forget you can swap the meals around to suit you – it's all about enjoying the food and making it work for you!

On average, women need around 2,000 calories a day, men 2,500 and less if trying to lose weight. This is the amount your body needs to carry out all of its daily processes and to stay healthy. It's important to note that these are only estimated figures as each person's calorie requirement is unique and will vary depending on your current weight, goals and activity levels.

Balance for You chilli con carne meal


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