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Golden blond is more fun!

This festive season, it’s all about our tasty golden blond chocolate! Find out more about this must-try trend and see our range of treats below
The golden blond chocolate range

Ultimate indulgence 

With its irresistible caramelised toffee flavour, blond chocolate is like white chocolate with added attitude! Our Collection Swiss golden blond chocolate florentines will make you fall in love with the trend instantly. Made in Somerset, with a layer of caramel, almonds and citrus peel and finished with a thick layer of creamy Swiss golden blond chocolate, they’re heaven with a cuppa.

For a super-sophisticated tipple with tasty toffee notes, try our rich golden blond chocolate flavour cream liqueur, expertly blended with cream from Ballyrashane Creamery in Northern Ireland. Simply serve it over ice or stir it into coffee or hot chocolate.

Plus, don’t miss the return of our triple chocolate panettone, filled with milk and dark chocolate chips and chocolate sauce, coated in dark chocolate and topped with golden blond chocolate chips.

Explore the full golden blond chocolate range in store now.

Spread some joy

Introducing our new gold-standard spread, set to take your toast, puddings and bakes up a gear. This white chocolate and caramel spread is studded with crunchy wafer pieces, and tastes amazing spread over our chocolate panettone, sandwiched between two of your favourite biscuits, or – let’s face it – eaten straight from the jar!

Pick up the golden blond chocolate spread in store now.

Golden blond chocolate spread
Blond chocolate recipes

Brilliant blond chocolate ideas 

Fancy whipping up a homemade blond chocolate treat? Try our blond chocolate latte or fridge cake.

To make the latte, simply mix 1 tbsp golden blond chocolate spread with two shots of espresso. Add steamed or warm milk, then top with cream and golden blond chocolate shavings.

For the fridge cake, melt 400g white chocolate, 150g golden blond chocolate spread and 25g unsalted butter in a bowl over a pan of boiling water. Once melted, stir in 60g rice pops, 100g marshmallows, a few glacé cherries, 50g pistachios and 25g desiccated coconut. Pour the mix into a baking dish and allow to set in the fridge before cutting into squares and serving.