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Photo: Jörgen Ahlström

Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves



M& menswear editor


Styled to give a nod to the 50s, these retro-looking sunglasses will add a touch of classic Americana to your summer wardrobe, says M& menswear editor, William Oliver.

The right sunglasses will add polish to your warm-weather look. While it’s good to have a go-to pair that will see you through the season – for me that means square frames in a dark, transparent hue – it’s also useful to have a couple of other styles that are more suited to certain outfits. These vintage-inspired shades are ideal for topping off a classic American-style sports-casual ensemble – think chinos rolled at the ankle, a short-sleeve or polo shirt and a straw trilby. Preppy Americana is one of the bigger trends this season, and a great look to go for when wearing these frames. Available in both navy and green tortoiseshell, with full UV protection, they’re a stylish summer staple.
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“Preppy and right on TREND, these
shades are a great way to bring a bit of 50s
America into your look this summer.”