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A loaf of sourdough with a selection of toppings




Photographer: Yuki Sugiura

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Food editor


Up your brunch game with a loaf of our delicious handcrafted sourdough and some inventive topping ideas

I don’t know if it’s just me, but avocado toast started to get old sometime in 2018 and never made a comeback in my Sunday morning culinary repertoire. These days, I prefer getting creative with sweet and savoury toast toppings, and our new handcrafted sourdough – available now in the in-store bakery – is the perfect canvas for my creations. It’s made through a traditional 30-hour process, from a mixture of rye and wheat flours for a dark and flavoursome crust with an irresistibly soft, complex-flavoured dough in the middle. If I’m craving something sweet, I spread it with ricotta, late-summer cherries and a little honeycomb. For savoury, I choose mozzarella, rocket and a spoonful of our new Cook With M&S tomato, chilli and red pepper drizzle, or goat’s cheese, micro herbs and thinly sliced radishes (look out for our picture-perfect watermelon radishes in store – they’ll make your breakfast just as Instagram-worthy as #avotoast). Brunch goals: achieved.
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“It takes TIME to make our sourdough –
which is naturally proved with nothing
artificial added – taste so good”