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Slim fit stretch jeans

24/7 Denim

Selvedge, coming from the term self-edged, has fast become a keyword thrown around with little explanation to why this denim is a true wardrobe hero. The fabric is of premium quality, crafted from 100% responsibly sourced cotton which is woven on small looms to ensure the durability of the garment and prevent unravelling. Hems are rolled as opposed to over-locked and finished with red or orange thread, the colour of which is exposed when the jeans are cuffed, a subtle detail which will speak volumes for your style.

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Going Brogue

“These hard-working yet handsome Derby brogues exude sleek sophistication. Steeped in tradition with superior craftsmanship they silently scream quality. The decorative perforations, rich leather, superior construction and Goodyear welting will look sharp in any sartorial situation. Their refined yet rugged design manages to emit a city-country aesthetic, which makes them incredibly versatile, they will compliment lived-in denim or causal chinos whilst looking equally irresistible when worn with formal trousers or classic suiting. In the end, dapper dressing is all about the subtleties.”

Case study

Style meets function with a timeless holdall, making weekend travel a straight-forward affair. Indulge in this age-old accessory, championed by style icons of the ’50s; Steve Mcqueen and Paul Newman would not be seen without this classic piece. The signature, semi-structured shape is robust and spacious, while the fabric is flocked for durability and secured with a metal zip for insulation. The leather trim provides a sophisticated, tonal finish complete with a detachable strap for a weekend away, to use as a gym bag or an in-flight carry-on.

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Flocked holdall bag

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