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Style 101

Summer wedding

Lacking wedding guest inspiration? From a traditional countryside celebration to a luxury  ceremony abroad, dress appropriately while staying true to your character with this guide to summer wedding style.

Light linen

Getting sticky at the thought of stiff suiting? Overwhelmed by uncompromising dress codes? Take an effortless approach to wedding styling with breathable basics and quintessential accessories, layered to look premium and thoroughly considered. Maximise ventilation without sacrificing style by choosing natural, lightweight fabrics such as linen, cotton and seersucker, in a cut slim enough to flatter your form. Push aside rigid shirts in favour of a soft, silk-blend T-shirt, opting for joyful colour and aligning accessories to tie the look together. Known to tear up the dance floor? Be sure to substitute classic footwear for a clean, minimal trainer, which will be sure to keep you dancing all night long!

Tailored Fit Linen Miracle Jacket


Pure Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt


Tailored Fit Linen Miracle Trousers


Lace-up Trainers


Luxury Panama Hat


Quirky Prints

Summer weddings evoke the essence of jovial days and laid-back dress codes. Warm weather nuptials allow you to shed traditional city-formal attire and, if you’re feeling bold, embrace a slightly more offbeat look. Leave your traditional black suit at home in favour of a quirky blue number, layered with a stand-out shirt. Old-school hibiscus and palm print shirts have become linked to, sometimes inextricably so, a certain group of people, namely dad’s and tourists but these botanical beauties have experienced a re-brand and rejuvenation, the time for modest cool is over. Avoid the chances of looking like an eye-sore by making sure your flamboyant button-down is rendered in complimentary colours to your suit, throw on some timeless brogues and chic accessories and you will be the toast of the town.

Blue Slim Fit Jacket


Pure Cotton Flower Print Shirt


Leather Layered Sole Brogue Shoes


Blue Slim Fit Trousers


Polarised Retro Square Sunglasses



Unstructured tailoring meets a conservative palette as we embrace the romance of the Riviera for this eclectic wedding look, exuding personality and measurable confidence. Practical as it is handsome, this calls for a low-key base of navy and neutrals, complemented by high notes, highlighting playful accessories such as a raspberry tie or pink pocket square. Offset traditional guest attire with mid-century pieces; a double-breasted blazer or woven polo shirt are idyllic while a light trouser in a natural soft white help to keep the look relaxed. Complete your outfit with an elegant Panama hat and a healthy dose of charm!

Pure Cotton Tailored Fit Jacket


Pure Linen Striped Shirt


Regular Fit Pure Cotton Chinos with Stormwear™


Leather Slip-on Tassel Loafers


Beach Broadbrim Ambassador Hat


Bright Tailoring

There is something about a black suit in the warm weather that doesn’t compute, so this summer leave the classic tailoring to the groom and groomsmen. An eggshell blue suit, while not for the wallflowers among you all, will ensure you beat-the-heat and strike a dapper note. When full regalia is required you will be thankful that you are championing a paler palette, perfect for reflecting the rays. As for underpinnings, try donning a classic white shirt to compliment your sharp, structured tailoring. A pair of chic loafers, sans socks, and blue-hued sunglasses will effortlessly tie your look together. You will be sure to brighten up the balmiest of days.

Blue Skinny Fit Jacket


Linen Rich Tailored Fit Shirt


Blue Skinny Fit Trousers


Suede Slip-on Snaffle Loafers


Leather Rectangular Buckle Reversible Belt


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