We asked three stylists how to layer clothes in winter. Here’s what Vickie Keeble, Lauren T Franks and Louise Carmel Hall had to say…

Get more mileage from your maxi dress

"Layering is an easy win,” says stylist Lauren T Franks. “Not only is it a sartorial trick to help you manoeuvre through the seasons; it is also a great way to inject interest and personality into your outfits.

“Check the weather – you don't want to end up too hot and carrying extra clothes. Think carefully about what you will be doing that day, to ensure you pick the right items to layer.

“Start by layering lighter fabrics while the weather is mild, such as a lightweight polo-neck top under the maxi dress you wore all summer. As it gets colder, you can add a heavier V-neck jumper to create interest at the neckline, or even jeans to contrast with the lighter weight of the dress.”

Play with textured jackets

“When it is freezing outside, you need to take your layering up a notch,” explains Vickie Keeble. “I like wearing an insulating base layer, a jersey top, and then a knit. Plus, thermal tights are a must when temperatures plummet.

“I’m a huge fan of mixing textures and colours in an outfit and layering helps you to achieve this. For example, a cosy coat over a bright knit. Have fun with it! Stick to one easy-to-remove heavy layer to avoid overheating when you duck indoors.”

Peel and reveal shirts, coats and thermals

Shirts, roll necks, thermals and any top with a longer body or longer sleeves can lend themselves to layering, so you can pull them out from underneath another layer. Consider it a case of ‘peel and reveal’,” says Lauren. Layered jackets, as seen at Balenciaga, Sacai, Marni and Prada, are a key trend to try, according to stylist Louise Carmel Hall. “Take one padded jacket or gilet and slip under a herringbone or houndstooth coat. Alternatively, try with a classic trench coat as seen at Burberry and Vetements,” she explains. “It’s a great way to get more mileage out of your winter wardrobe.”

Good in the hoodie

“When it comes to getting dressed up in winter, I love to wear a statement skirt with a denim-look shirt,” says Vickie. Then add the following layers: a hoodie and a lightweight mac, with the hood tucked out. Sneakers or boots complete the look, depending where I’m headed.

“Don’t forget to layer with accessories,” says Louise. “I love mixing my jewellery to recreate that Eighties revival trend. Hats, gloves and scarves are also essential layering items for winter and are easily added or taken away when you are running about town.”

Words: Dulcie Emerson


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