Nail that first run or add some fun to your regular jog with our guide to the best running clothes (and why we love them)

Try two-layer running shorts

It can be tricky to decide what to wear to run in the cold when you’re really feeling the heat, but dread flashing your briefs under skimpy shorts. These woven double-layer shorts are here to help. Breathable and lightweight, the supportive underlayer will protect your modesty while you smash your workout, while the fun printed upper layer will help keep you comfortable thanks to quick-dry fabric. The handy zipped pocket on the back will easily fit the modern triumvirate of essentials – keys, mask, phone – so you can feel the benefits of exercise hands-free. Team with a double-layer exercise top to a complete the look.

Don’t forget your jacket

If you’re looking for an easy way to get into running, give habit stacking a go. It’s a pretty simple concept: take something you enjoy (a Saturday morning coffee and catch-up with a friend, for example) and tag on the new habit you want to start (running). Long story short, you can run to the café and reward yourself with a cosy cappuccino. When you finish your jog, your body will naturally cool down, so a lightweight running jacket that can be easily tied around your waist is an essential year-round. This features handy pockets for your essentials, and is made from water-repellent Stormwear, so you can keep running even if the heavens open. It also makes a great extra layer when cycling or walking to a gym class. If you’re jogging in the rain or in winter, add a long-sleeve exercise top to boost warmth.

The power of a great sports bra

Did you know breasts can bounce up to 15cm in any direction if you’re not wearing the right sports bra? Getting enough support is important because the delicate ligaments of the breast can stretch if left unsupported, exacerbating any natural sagging, and unfortunately the damage is irreversible. Running is a high-impact form of exercise, so a great sports bra is a non-negotiable, no matter your size, but if you have larger breasts, always opt for high or extra-high impact support. In terms of fit, while it may feel a little firmer you should buy the same size as your normal bra. However, it should still feel comfortable and allow complete freedom of movement – if in doubt, mimic the activity you are planning to do in the bra when you try it on. All our Goodmove sports bras feature moisture-wicking fabric to draw sweat away from the body allowing it to evaporate more quickly. Complete your look with our brilliant blackout leggings or check out our guide to what to wear to the gym.

Words: Ellie Spicer


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