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Stay snug all season with our warm winter bedding, from soft brushed-cotton bedding sets to our highest-tog duvets, cosy flannelette sheets and warm blankets



Layer up with our highest-tog duvets, thick blankets and winter throws.

When temperatures start to drop, there’s nothing like snuggling up in warm winter bedding to thaw you out, help you relax and boost your mood. Here’s how to make your bedroom a snug sanctuary where you can keep cosy when it’s cold outside.

1. A warm winter duvet is a must. Look for the highest-tog duvet you can find – anything from 10.5tog upwards should keep out the chill. For the ultimate in luxury, try a soft goose-down filling, or for sneeze-free snoozing, opt for one of our anti-allergy duvets. Top tip: when summer comes around, store your thick duvet in vacuum-pack bags so it takes up less space.

2. You can’t beat flannelette sheets or a brushed-cotton bedding set for an extra-snuggly feeling. Whatever design and colour you choose, make sure it tones in with your layers (see below) for a coordinated (and supremely cosy) bedroom look.

3. Layer up. Add warm blankets, winter throws and bedspreads for your snuggest night’s sleep yet. Multiple layers mean you can add or take them away so you’re always at the perfect temperature to dose off and drift away.

4. A winter duvet and thick blankets are key, but sometimes it’s the little finishing touches that make all the difference. Choose bedside lighting that gives your room a warm, restful glow; try thick curtains to help block out the cold as well as the light; and don’t forget to make sure you’re as snug as your winter bedding – warm pyjamas and snuggly socks will help you stay cosy on chilly mornings, even after you get up (but we say lie in as long as you can).