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Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves


Miranda Eason

Fashion & beauty editor


Tired of being tired? Set yourself up for a great night’s sleep with This Works’ award-winning spray

Unwinding after a hectic day doesn’t always come easily. To the rescue: This Works’ tried-and-tested range, which combines nature’s most restorative and relaxing essential oils (lavender, camomile and vetiver) to help you fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply and wake up feeling refreshed. The bestselling Deep Sleep pillow spray is a great place to start: simply mist it over your pillows and dive under the duvet. For an extra boost, give your pyjamas a spritz too. Treat yourself to the ultimate sleep-maximising evening: light a Deep Sleep heavenly candle and lie back in a bath infused with Deep Sleep bath soak, or take a shower with Deep Sleep shower gel. Dreamy.
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“Swap counting sheep for
a SOOTHING spritz of
This Works’ pillow spray”

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