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With this special day fast approaching, we meet the model mums showcasing spring’s freshest nightwear in our latest campaign

Lucia and Erin

Lucia: “Motherhood means everything to me; it’s who I am and my biggest role and I give 100% of myself to my children. I love that I have a real reason to wake up, there’s always something to do and it’s so beautiful to see them growing up. The biggest challenges are the sleep deprivation when they’re little and, when they’re ill, it’s so difficult to see them suffering. Erin is a real chatterbox, we go pottery painting together, she’ll paint a ballerina or and princess and she doesn’t stop talking, which makes everybody laugh.”

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Jacqui and Georgia

Jacqui: “Motherhood comes with a huge sense of responsibility – in a good way. It’s wonderful. Georgia was always very curious; she was an early speaker, forming long sentences when she was young, we thought she was going to be a genius, and she is! Modelling is out of my comfort zone. Georgia’s been modelling since she was 16 so modelling together is a role reversal – I was learning from her. I would sneak a peek at what she was doing and make a pose like that because I genuinely didn’t know what to do.”

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Jacqui and Georgia

Georgia: “Mum is very hardworking and she has instilled that in me. She’s given me the skills to achieve what I want but made it clear it won’t fall in my lap. We started modelling together during the pandemic. My sister and I are both signed models and our agency sent out a casting call for families. We booked a Christmas campaign together, then mum started getting all these requests, so my agency signed her, too. Usually, you don’t know anyone on set, so it’s a real comfort to have her there.”

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Lekenah and Cairo

Lekenah: “I was always maternal – I have two little brothers and, in my culture, as the big sister you’re basically mum number two. My favourite part of being a mum is the responsibility of raising good people, it’s on me who they’re going to be, and, when they’re incredible adults, I’ll know I played a part in that. I want to ensure my children have a good relationship with their bodies, which is why I started on my own journey to be a happier, healthier version of myself, which I share on social media. I love the age Cairo is at – he’s so funny. We play chess, trampoline and do creative things together.”

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Words: Miranda Eason

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