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From getting to the store early to creating your wish list in advance, M&S Insiders Nicola, Sam, Emma and Caley reveal their top tips for bagging the best bargains


What time should I shop the sale?
Nicola: If I’m on the hunt for something specific, I shop the sale as soon as the email arrives in my inbox – I love the thrill of snapping up an item I want at a bargain price.
Sam: I usually work Christmas Eve, so when I get home, I like to sit down, have a cuppa, and browse the sale.
Emma: It’s good to keep checking the sale online over a week or so in case things come back into stock.
Caley: I jump on the sale the moment the email lands but come back again at the end for the best bargains.

How do you shop the M&S sale?
Sam: A few days ahead of the sale, I screenshot products that catch my eye, make a note of their product code and pop them straight in the search box when the sale launches. I always go for shoes first (I’m a footwear addict!).
Emma: I’m the same! I make a wish list in the weeks before Christmas, then seek them. After my first peek, I go back through the main sale

pages to see if there’s anything missed.
Caley: For me, filters are key. I always filter by colour and style before anything else.
Nicola: I usually start with dresses (my go-to) then move on to shoes and coats.

How do you find sale products that suit your style?
Nicola: Take a moment pre-Christmas to assess your wardrobe and figure out your style if you don’t know it already. Think about what is missing and go from there.
Emma: I look for products I already own but in a different colour or a slightly updated style.
Sam: My style is very varied – I tend to buy items that I feel drawn to and that I think would make me happy when wearing them.
Caley: I go for items I know will suit me rather than take any sale purchase risks.

Should you shop wardrobe staples in the M&S sale?
Emma: Yes! Good wardrobe staples to buy are bras and underwear. I also like to grab


classic coats that are always in season but are generally a little more expensive.
Sam: Invest in jeans and classic pieces from Autograph. The designs are excellent, and the quality is fantastic, so snapping them up in the sale isn’t as heavy on the purse strings.
Caley: The first thing I look for is cashmere, leather and wool coats – timeless pieces that aren’t defined by trends.
Nicola: I always stock up on plain T-shirts and confidence-boosting lingerie.

How do you avoid so-called ‘buyer’s remorse’?
Sam: If you love the product, then go for it and don’t wait. The M&S returns policy is always there if you happen to change your mind.
Nicola: If you don’t love it, leave it.

Any tips on what not to do during the sale?
Sam: If you’re shopping in store, keep those sale items close and never take your eyes off them as another customer may pick them up.
Emma: Don’t shop for colours or shapes you won’t wear regularly.
Caley: Never shop the sale in a rush – it’s far too stressful.

How should customers shop the sale in store?
Nicola: Go with someone who enjoys shopping – there’s no point dragging an unwilling partner along. Always wear something comfortable and not too bulky (leggings and a tee are ideal). Wear a cross-body bag so you can shop hands free. Finally, plan a trip to the M&S Café to refuel before heading back into it.
Caley: Avoid wearing jumpsuits or shoes with too many laces.
Sam: Bring a bottle of water and your patience.
Emma: Head to the store early morning or mid-afternoon when it’s quieter. Grab a trolley or basket so you can evaluate your picks before checking out – you could always chuck your coat in there too.

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Interview: Ellie Spicer M&S Insiders: Nicola Dougan, Sam Briones, Emma Snowdon, Caley Henry Images: Spring Studios