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Our covetable soft furnishings collection uses patterns from the archives of the iconic Victorian textile designer


Heritage design

For those wanting to add a touch of elegance to their interiors, the William Morris at Home collection is just what you need. William Morris, a luminary in textile design and an ardent advocate of the Victorian Arts and Crafts movement, created enchanting and vibrant designs for fabric and wallpaper in the late nineteenth century. His sought-after creations adorned the best nineteenth-century homes with exquisitely illustrated depictions of plant life, florals, and creatures. Unusually for the time, his designs used organic and naturally derived dyes.

The William Morris at Home prints are derived directly from the company’s archives, lending a rich historical design heritage to your space. Immerse yourself in opulent bedding sets that sport gorgeously intricate prints, or luscious velvet cushions and throws adorned with iconic Morris designs such as the botanically inspired Lodden print. Mixing luxury, timeless appeal and craftsmanship, the range will add a layer of timeless elegance to your home’s furnishings.

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Timeless style

If you’re wanting to give your room an instant transformation, try investing in a statement pair of floor-length curtains. And they’re not just eye-catching either: long curtains are also practical in keeping the drafts out. Intensify the drama by pairing them with cushions boasting contrasting designs. The William Morris at Home collection offers four captivatingly patterned curtain designs, each rooted in a historic Morris pattern, to instil warmth and a welcoming ambience.

The range also offers a selection of stunning towels and bathmats designed to give your bathroom an instant lift with Morris's signature patterns and hues.

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Words: Sarah Lafarge