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Welcome to the world of Taste Buds

Specially created for children aged 4-10, our exclusive Taste Buds range of meals and lunch box options has been developed with Children's health foundation Crumlin and Marks & Spencer’s nutrition experts

Taste Buds

Healthy, fuss-free, delicious food 

Our Taste Buds range features a selection of healthy, convenient and yummy food, from nutritious meals to must-munch lunch box favourites. All the products in the range have been developed by M&S with the nutrition experts at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) for children aged 4-10, to be enjoyed as part of a healthy, balanced diet. The range is free from artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners and salt substitutes. The best bit? All our Taste Buds food tastes amazing, too!

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Lovely lunchbox ideas 

Make sure your little ones’ lunch boxes are exciting, delicious and nutritious by filling them with a few Taste Buds treats. Our snacking cheese and fromage frais pouches are great sources of calcium – important for growing bones. Fruity nibbles such as sultana and strawberry boxes or apple slices will keep little tums happy.

Wondering what to pop in their sarnie? Try these nutritious ideas: 

  • Mix tuna with a little yoghurt and some sweetcorn and sandwich between slices of our vitamin D bread.  
  • Fill our wheat and white bread with blitzed cooked beetroot and ham and tomato. 
  • Wrap up shredded lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, yellow peppers and beetroot in our vitamin D mini wraps. 

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Taste Buds cheese sticks

Taste Buds mild cheddar sticks 

High-in-protein snacking cheese 

Taste Buds fromage frais pouches

Taste Buds fromage frais pouches

These tasty yoghurts are a source of calcium and vitamin D for growing bones

Boxes of Taste Buds sultanas and strawberries

Taste Buds dried sultanas and strawberries

Fruity bites, ideal for little ones’ lunch boxes


Quick and tasty after-school dinners 

Made with super-cute animal-shaped pasta and smoky sausage, our Taste Buds hot dog pasta is guaranteed to keep little tummies happy. The dish includes one of their five-a-day, carries our Eat Well logo, is low in salt and has no added sugar. What’s more, like all our Taste Buds dishes, it’s quick and easy to prepare!

Or serve up our Taste Buds chicken and broccoli bake that again includes one of their five-a-day and is high in protein – great for growing kids. 

Finally, discover our Taste Buds little fishies in store, which are made with 100% responsibly sourced cod in a golden crispy crumb. They are part of our Eat Well range, high in protein and feature no added sugar. Try serving with peas and homemade wedges or in a sandwich with lettuce and sauce.

Looking for more ideas for kids’ lunches and dinners? Check out the Taste Buds range in store now.

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Nutrition criteria

The Taste Buds range has been designed to help parents choose a healthier diet for their children (aged 4-10). As a retailer, we take our responsibility seriously, offering a range of kids’ food that is both delicious and meets children’s nutrient requirements.

Our Eat Well criteria is at the forefront when creating our children’s ranges. Taste Buds products are developed to contain no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. The M&S Taste Buds guidelines have been put together using a combination of current government and reputable NGO guidelines on nutritional requirements for children.

Children’s eating occasions have been designed based on the inclusion of a main meal with vegetables, a drink (ideally water) and a dessert. This reflects the way that most children are fed and so, when we consider eating occasions, it is also important that additional components likely to be consumed alongside the ‘core’ meal are considered. Taste, balanced nutrition, calorie content and portion size were taken into account when each product was created. 


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