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Our organic products come from trusted sources, so whatever you’re buying, when you choose organic, you know you’re eating food as it should be

What is organic?

Whenever you see the organic label on food, it means it’s been produced with fewer pesticides, no artificial colours or preservatives, no routine use of antibiotics, and no genetically modified ingredients or manufactured herbicides.

Because organic food must be certified by law, you know it comes from trusted sources. 

Organic farms are inspected at least once a year, so choosing organic means you are supporting more sustainable farming practices, higher animal welfare and a more traceable production process.

At M&S, our organic range includes everything from fish and seafood to fresh fruit and veg, milk, eggs and meat. Look out for the organic label on products in our Foodhalls. 

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Why choose organic?

Know what's in your food
Organic standards prohibit genetically modified ingredients, hydrogenated fats and controversial artificial colourings and preservatives, so you know you're eating food as it should be. 

Better for animals
Organic farming adheres to strict animal welfare standards because organic food is always free range, and organic animals must be reared on a GM-free diet.

Protect our wildlife
Organic farming helps protect precious British wildlife, because organic farmers don’t use herbicides, which is good news for the birds and bees.

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A family of banana growers in the Dominican Republic

Meet our organic banana grower

“Why do we grow organic bananas? We’re convinced that organic fruits and vegetables are the future. To give the next generations a chance, we have to start using a more organic approach of agriculture,” explains Julie Vermeiren, CEO of Fresh Fruit.

The family-run company is located in the Dominican Republic, a country that provides the particular micro-climate organic bananas require to grow and thrive.

Environmental responsibility, Fair Trade and social projects are at the heart of Fresh Fruit’s ethos: “Our mission is to grow delicious, high-quality organic bananas in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

This benefits our bananas, our planet and our entire production chain, from farmer to consumer.”

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Organic milk being poured into a glass

Organic milk

Produced on carefully selected British dairy farms, M&S organic milk is collected daily from cows fed on non-GM feed, that are kept following the highest animal welfare regulations

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A cooked organic chicken surrounded by roasted vegetables

Organic chicken

Known for their superior taste, our organic chickens and turkeys are sourced from Capestone, an award-winning family-owned farm in Pembrokeshire, and raised in a natural environment with space and light

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Organic bananas and sliced bananas in yoghurt

Organic bananas

As well as farming organically and using environmentally friendly materials and techniques, our banana producer invests Fairtrade premiums back into local communities to help healthcare and social projects

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