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Cinco de mayo

Enjoy a Mexican-inspired fiesta at home this Cinco de Mayo, 5 May, with our delicious ideas, such as epically tasty tacos, top tequila and more


Cinco de Mayo


Cazcabel tequila

Top tequila

With a rich, earthy agave flavour, citrus notes and a black pepper finsh, our Cazcabel tequila is the perfect celebration tipple. Simply serve with lime and salt or try shaking up a tropical twist on a classic margarita using our pineapple and lime juice, plenty of ice and, of course, tequila! 

Find everything you need to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, including our Cazcabel tequila, in store now. 

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Bring on the chips and dip!

Enjoy some sunshine snacking by picking up a pack of crunchy tortilla chips for only 80c when you buy a fresh dip!* Choose from tangy salsa, creamy guacamole or try our new fully loaded Mexican layered dip for maximum flavour! 

Pick up all your Mexican fiesta must-haves in store now. 

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*For each fresh dip purchased, get one pack of 150-200g tortilla chips for 80c.

Chris' birria style tacos