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Winner dinners

Looking for easy family meals made with mince and pasta sauce? You’ve come to the right place

A delicious duo

Mince and tomato pasta sauce are a marriage made in heaven, forming the base for simple, inexpensive, family-friendly dishes –whether it’s a crowd-pleasing bolognese, a spicy chilli con carne, or moreish meatballs.

Our tasty beef mince is 100% traceable back to the farm and animal it came from, while our traditional style tomato-based sauce is made from pepper, onion and celery sofrito and produced just for M&S by a small artisan producer in Calabria using locally sourced ingredients.

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Spag bol, the M&S way

Always a popular choice, one way to make a good spaghetti bolognese great is to use quality ingredients, which is why we offer 100% mince, and pasta sauces and spaghetti made in Italy by top producers. Create a ragu with meat and sauce, cook your spaghetti, and serve topped with grated parmesan and a side salad for a taste of the continent.

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Roll with it

For a sandwich-based supper bursting with the best ingredients, roll some beef mince into bite-sized meatballs, pan fry to add colour, then simmer in our pasta sauce. Once cooked through, spoon into lightly toasted sub rolls, top with a handful of roughly chopped mozzarella, then place under a hot grill for a minute or two until the cheese is gooey and bubbling. Serve with a smattering of rocket. 

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